Asur Season 3 Release Date: Is There A Sequel Coming?

Cinemas and theatres have kept us interested and free of boredom for years. As the industry expands, more movies and stories are coming into the limelight and making us all happy. The selection of as to what to watch is very interesting as we get to choose out of the given options. Directors like Imtiaz Ali, Anurag Kashyap and many others have always entertained us and given us more value.

The covid scene brought us all more closer to home and watching things from the comfort of our own houses. Ever since then, the trend for online series and movies has risen. We are all waiting for series to release seasons and come out online so that we can stream them on our own home theatres or laptops. This has made entertainment more reachable and convenient to watch as well.

The emergence of online series has made us all hooked to our television screens since we have started rapidly binge-watching series. These main series include Family Man, Asur and many others. The question that we are addressing today is if Asur will be coming back for a third season and when it is.

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Asur Season 3 Release Date

Asur is a 2020 series that brought a revolution in the field of online series and entertainment. The show stole the hearts of all the audience with its truth and mystery which led to most of the audience falling crazily for it. Due to the lovely plot and thrilling story, the audience has continued to stay with the show and anticipated for every single episode.

Name Of The ShowAsur
Season NumberSeason 3
IMDB Rating8.5/10
Streaming OnJio Cinema
Asur Season 1 Release Date2 March 2020
Asur Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

The first season of any series is make or break, and in the case of Asur, it was surely a make! The show and its great plot led us all to wait eagerly for its other season. the show has very recently released its second season and the audience can’t stop obsessing over it. The episodes, the stories and the cast are over the top and the audience is thoroughly enjoying this.

With its psychological thriller and references to the Hindu mythology, this show is an Indian banger and has gotten very good reviews and has also been called one of the best series in the country. So, coming to the topic- the third season. after all the anticipation that has been created and the craze that the audience has, the show cannot be cancelled for a third season.

But however, it is too early to even talk about the arrival of another season as well. Since the first one was released just a week ago, the makers are still recording the responses for the second one. So they will not have made any plans for another season so soon.

But with the massive about of views and watches the show has gotten, it is very easy to say that it will surely be back with yet another mind-blowing season to entertain all of us. The show might return in 2024 or in early 2025. There surely is a long wait ahead of us since such a great show needs a lot of planning and curation of a good script. So it will be here soon!

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Asur Season 3 Cast And Predictions

Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti are very elegantly and thrilling playing the leads while handling such a great story so well. The credits go to the cast and also the scriptwriters who have made the show so wonderful. Dhananjay and Nikhil are on their expedition to find the killer and teach him a lesson. With the references to the Hindu mythology and Kalki and Kali, the show has huge twists in its way. The third one will surely continue with the story of how Nikhil and Dhananjay will go on more paths to put an end to the story in a different way.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Asur

1. Where can we stream Asur online?

Asur can be streamed online with a premium subscription on Jio Cinema.

2. What genre is Asur?

Asur is a psychological thriller.

3. Does Asur connect to the past of India?

Yes, Asur speaks about Hindu mythology and also about Kalki and Kali.

4. How many seasons does Asur have?

Asur currently has two seasons in it.

5. Who are the writers of Asur?

Vibhav and Gaurav Shukla are the writers of Asur.

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