Resident Alien Season 4 Release Date: Will The Town Of Patience Encounter More Aliens?

Resident Alien is an American web show. It focuses on the mystery, drama, comedy, and science fiction genres. Today, we shall discuss the Resident Alien Season 4 release date. It is an adaptation of Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse’s comic book of the same name. The creator of Resident Alien is Chris Sheridan, and the production companies are Jocko Productions, Amblin Television, Dark Horse Entertainment, and Universal Content Productions. 

The executive producers are Mike Richardson, Robert Duncan McNeill, David Dobkin, and Darryl Frank. They released the first episode on 27 January 2021 and ended it on 32 March 2021, with ten episodes. The second season of Resident Alien has two parts. The first part was out on 26 January 2022 and got over on 16 March 2022, with eight episodes. 

They released the second part on 10 August 2022 and ended it on 28 September 2022, with eight episodes. Resident Alien Season 2 has sixteen episodes in two parts. The showrunners have confirmed that a third season will be out soon. Fans gave Resident Alien a rating of 8.1 on IMDb, 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 87% on Google. Let us discuss the Resident Alien Season 4 release date now.

Resident Alien Season 4 Release Date

In July 2022, the creators of Resident Alien confirmed the third season. As per reports and gossip tabloids, they will release the third season of Resident Alien sometime in 2024. Without the release of the last season, we can say nothing about Resident Alien Season 4. This sci-fi mystery show is popular among viewers, and the ratings are very positive. 

There are high chances of the showrunners renewing Resident Alien Season 4 if the third season fares well. If they green-lit the fourth season, we might see it as late as 2026. As of November 2023, we are unaware of the Resident Alien Season 4 release date.

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Resident Alien Season 4 Plot

The story of Resident Alien revolves around a fictional town, Patience, Colorado. One day, an alien lands on Earth with a mission to destroy humanity. He kills Dr. Harry, a vacationing doctor, and assumes his identity. Afterward, he performs an autopsy on the town’s dead local doctor. Eventually, the alien posing as Dr. Harry takes over the local clinic.

He learns how humans function and what humanity means. The alien struggles with his mission to kill the humans after forming bonds with them. He even starts to feel like a human being. Each episode has many twists and will keep you laughing.

Resident Alien Season 4 Cast

In Resident Alien, we see Alan Tudyk in the role of Harry Vanderspeigle, Sara Tomko in the role of Asta Twelvetrees, Corey Reynolds in the role of Sheriff Mike Thompson, Alice Wetterlund in the role of D’Arcy Bloom, Levi Fiehler in the role of Ben Hawthorne, and Judah Prehn in the role of Max Hawthorne. 

We also see Elizabeth Bowen in the role of Deputy Olivia Baker, Meredith Garretson in the role of Kate Hawthorne, Gracelyn Awad Rinke in the role of Sahar, Gary Farmer in the role of Dan Twelvetrees, Diana Bang in the role of Nurse Ellen Cho, and Kaylayla Raine in the role of Jay. There is no cast information for Resident Alien Season 4.

Resident Alien Season 4 Trailer

Unfortunately, we do not have a trailer for Resident Alien Season 4. The creators are yet to renew Resident Alien Season 4. However, you may find the previous seasons’ trailers on online sites. YouTube and IMDb have them.

Where Can You Watch Resident Alien Season 4 Online?

Syfy is an American television channel. It broadcasts all episodes of Resident Alien according to its release schedule. You may also watch the show on Jio TV, Apple TV Plus, and Peacock TV. There are zero episodes for Resident Alien Season 4. If the creators green-lit this show, you can watch the new season on the above sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Resident Alien Season 4 release date?

As of November 2023, we are unaware of the Resident Alien Season 4 release date. The creators did not renew it.

2. When is the Resident Alien Season 3 release date?

The creators said nothing about the Resident Alien Season 3 release date. It can be as late as 2024.

3. Where can I watch Resident Alien in India?

You can Resident Alien on Jio TV and Apple TV Plus in India.

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