PM Kisan Beneficiary List WB 2023: List Of All Applicable Yojanas!

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (also known as PM KISAN) is celebrated every year on the fourth day of the fourth month of the PM Kisan Calendar. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi introduced this scheme on February 24, 2019, and it was launched with great fanfare in the state of Karnataka. The program helps India’s small and marginal farmers. The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) scheme is a cash transfer program announced in the Indian Government’s 2019 budget. 

The PM-KISAN scheme is intended to provide direct cash support to small and marginal farmers in India. The PM-KISAN scheme is a part of the Government of India’s broader goal to double farmers’ income by 2022. The PM-KISAN scheme is expected to benefit over 12 crore small and marginal farmers in India, who will receive an annual sum of Rs 6,000. The funds will be transferred directly to their bank accounts in three Rs. 2,000 installments. The first installment will be given in March, and the remaining two installments will be given in September and March. 

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PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana Highlights

Name of the SchemePradhan Mantri Samman Nidhi Yojana
Scheme typeCentral Sector Scheme
Scheme Controlled byMinistry of Agriculture and Farmer’s welfare
Name of the DepartmentDepartment of Agriculture and Farmer’s welfare
Scheme introduced onDecember 1st, 2018
Scheme Benefit Transfer ModeOnline

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana Overview

The PM-KISAN scheme is aimed at providing financial assistance to small and marginal farmers who own up to 2 hectares of land. The scheme is expected to be instrumental in helping small and marginal farmers meet various expenses, such as the cost of cultivation, the purchase of fertilizers and other inputs, farm maintenance, and so on. The scheme is aimed at providing relief to farmers who are facing difficulties due to the low prices of their crops. It is also aimed at increasing the income of farmers and promoting agricultural production. The scheme will benefit around 12 crore farmers in India.

As you are aware, PM Kisan Yojana provides financial assistance of Rs 6,000 annually in three equal installments of Rs 2000 each. The money is directly transferred to the bank accounts of the farmers and is intended to help them meet their daily needs, buy inputs, and invest in agriculture-related activities. The PM Kisan Yojana was launched to provide financial security to small and marginal farmers who own less than two hectares of land. This scheme is beneficial for the welfare of small and marginal farmers, enabling them to meet their agricultural input costs, purchase necessary farm equipment, pay for labor, and thus promote their economic development. 

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PM Kisan Beneficiary List WB 2023

PM Kisan Beneficiary List WB

As well as the PM Kisan 12th Installment, the government has provided the payment. The Kisan can collect the amount of Rs 2000 in August and November. The scheme is a major boost for rural India, intending to help small and marginal farmers increase their income by allowing them to meet input costs, buy necessary farm equipment, pay laborers, and also improve their economic conditions. We now require the PM Kisan beneficiary list for 2023, village by village. If you are a farmer from West Bengal then you can enter your State name with the other details like your enrollment number and district name and you can check your status on the appeared screen. 

The government will complete PM Kisan 2022-23’s second phase by the end of November, according to the PM Kisan Calendar 2022-23.

Phase 1 April to July2000 Rs/-Completed
Phase 2 August to November2000 Rs/-Completed
Phase 3 December to March2000 Rs/-Will coming shortly

Eligibility for PM Kisan Nidhi Yojana

Those living in rural areas who own land and are farmers qualify for the benefits of this scheme. This scheme provides a much-needed safety net for landholder farmers’ families, allowing them to get access to benefits they would otherwise be ineligible for. The landholder farmer’s family is defined under the scheme guidelines as a family consisting of a husband, wife, and minor children who own cultivable land as per the land records of the respective State or UT. Identifying the beneficiaries is done using the existing land ownership system. This scheme is beneficial for the landholder farmers’ families as it serves as an incentive for them to continue farming as well as helping them access benefits they would not have been able to access otherwise. 

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Benefits Under PM KISAN Samman Nidhi Yojana

The scheme seeks to create sustainable livelihoods by providing financial assistance to the landholder farmers’ families through various means. This includes financial assistance for farming operations, the purchase of agricultural inputs such as seeds and fertilizers, access to improved technology and equipment, support for diversification into other income sources, and increased access to credit. This means that all landholder families who own cultivable land and have members of the family consisting of a husband, wife, and minor children are eligible for the benefits. Under the scheme, a landholder family can avail of various benefits, such as financial assistance for agricultural inputs, loans to developing small and marginal farms, access to government schemes such as soil health cards, and free crop insurance. 

This is an equitable approach to ensuring that all landholder farmers receive the benefits they need and deserve. In addition, it helps to reduce the poverty and hardship faced by farmers and encourages investment in agriculture which leads to increased productivity, improved food security, and overall economic development. All of these benefits can be accessed by landholder farmers regardless of their gender, caste, class, or any other factor. This equitable approach not only helps to empower marginalized landholder farmers but also serves as an incentive for them to continue to work hard and stay invested in their agricultural businesses. This kind of equitable approach to land rights is beneficial for both the farmer and society.

Non-Eligible for PM KISAN Nidhi Yojana

Beneficiaries of the scheme will not be eligible to obtain the benefits under the scheme if they belong to one of the following categories:

  1. Every institutional landholder, or family belonging to one or more of the below categories. 
  2. Every retired and serving employee and officer of Central or State Government Ministries, Offices, or Departments, as well as employees of local bodies. 
  3. An individual who receives a monthly pension of at least Rs 10,000 and is superannuated or retired.

Documents Required for PM KISAN Registration

  1. AADHAR card
  2. Proof of citizenship
  3. Land Ownership Document
  4. Bank Account Details

PM KISAN 2023 Beneficiary List

PM KISAN Samman Nidhi Yojana WB
  1. You can view the PM Kisan list 2023 beneficiary list from the comfort of your own home by visiting the official website PM-Kisan Samman Nidhi.
  2. Farmers’ contributions in the era of modernization and machines are occasionally disregarded, even though we all understand we cannot survive without them. 
  3. Farmers are encouraged by programs like the PM Kisan Yojana because they believe they will get the facilities they need and be appreciated for their hard work. 
  4. This program not only serves to reward the farmers for their hard work, but it also acts as a reminder of their importance to the country’s growth and development. 
  5. This list is regularly updated to ensure the correct information about farmers and their respective statuses, creating a sense of trust between the government and farmers. 

The government has taken an important step toward bridging the gap between itself and the farmers with this program. This trust is critical, as it will assure farmers that their needs will be met and that their contributions to society will not go unnoticed. It also provides a strong incentive for farmers to continue investing in their work and striving for excellence, knowing that they will be justly compensated and acknowledged. The list serves as an effective reminder to the government of its responsibilities to the farmers. 

Farmers can now apply for the PM Kisan List 2023 Beneficiary List

The list will include details such as the farmer’s name, father’s name and gender, and address. They must contact the responsible party if they find any mistakes or omissions in the name or address provided. Farmers frequently request an increase in installment payments due to the rising cost of goods.

Steps for registering on the PM Kisan Beneficiary List 2023

PM KISAN Samman Nidhi Yojana WB

There is a willingness on the part of the farmers to inquire whether or not they have received payment for the twelfth installment. Farmers can now check while sitting at home, thanks to the government’s initiative. The procedure is straightforward.

They can also use the e-MITRA kiosk if they are having trouble verifying the information relating to the transfer of funds. The procedures listed above can be used to check. Here, we’ve provided instructions for registering for the PM Kisan Yojana, which will assist you.

  • Farmers are welcome to visit the official website at PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana
  • The Farmers’ Corner can be found on the right side of the home page after you scroll down.
  • There are several icons to choose from. Click the Beneficiary List icon. 
  • A new page will load when you click the phrase “Beneficiaries List” under PM Kisan. 
  • You must enter your information there to obtain information on the status of the 12th installment.
  • The farmers must select one of the following options from a drop-down menu, which is provided for their convenience.
  • No data will be displayed if the required state, district, and other information is not entered. The correct fill should be used in each block.
  • If you are unsure of what information to enter, contact the toll-free hotline the government offers.

PM KISAN Status Check

  1. Visit the official website of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana.
  2. Scroll down a little to see the Farmer’s corner.
  3. Click on the options of  “ Status of self-registration or CSC Farmers.
  4. Enter the details of the AADHAR card.
  5. Write the Captcha image word properly. 
  6. Click on the search button.
  7. The submitted registration application’s status will be shown.
  8. After selecting your state, click “Get Report” and then select your village. 
  9. In this list, you can see all the number of farmers who belong to your village and receive benefits under the scheme. You can also look up your name.


Q1. What is Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi ?

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PIV-KISAN) is a new Central Sector Scheme to provide income support to all landholding farmers’ families in the country. The Scheme aims to supplement their financial needs for procuring various inputs related to agriculture and allied activities as well as domestic needs. The entire financial liability towards the transfer of benefits to targeted beneficiaries will be borne by the Government of India.

Q2. Will monetary benefits under the Scheme be directly credited into beneficiary accounts?

Yes. The financial benefit under the scheme shall be directly credited into the bank accounts of beneficiaries.

Q3. Is it compulsory for beneficiaries to give their bank account?

Yes, the beneficiaries are required to provide their bank account details along with their Aadhaar number so as to credit the financial benefit under the scheme directly into their bank accounts. No benefit can be given if bank account details have not been provided. 

Q4. Is the benefit of the Scheme available to farmers in villages located in urban areas?

There is no distinction between urban and rural cultivable land under the scheme. Both are covered under the scheme, provided that land situated in urban areas is under actual cultivation. 

Q5. Is it possible to use the benefits of the Scheme for micro land holdings?

Micro land holdings, which are not cultivable, are excluded from the benefit under the scheme. 

Q6. What is the prescribed mechanism for validation of information / declaration furnished by the beneficiaries?

The State/UT Governments are free to decide about the appropriate mechanism/authority for validation of information/declaration furnished by the beneficiary. 

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