Platonic Season 2 Release Date: Did Apple TV Renew The Show?!

Platonic is a very popular comedy-drama series that is an exclusive Apple TV show. The story is created by Francesca Delbanco and Nicholas Stoller. Rose Byrne and Seth have done a great job with the acting and it is shown very well in the ratings. The story revolves around the lives of Will and Sylvia.

The best friends have lost touch after Wills’s marriage and have been out of contact ever since. But after Will’s divorce, Sylvia and Will start talking and reconnect after years. While it looks dreamy but in reality, the story goes a bit differently. They seem to get distracted and also are causing a lot of chaos in their lives due to this.

The story has thrilled and also left the audience speechless with its script and screenplay. There have been a lot of great reviews about the show and it surely does deserve a watch. While everybody is looking for answers about the second season, we have it right here!

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Platonic Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Platonic was released on 24th May 2023. So this means, the show has just ended very recently. In just two months, there have been a lot of fans who have been awaiting a second season’s announcement. The first season consisted of 10 episodes with 30-minute episodes each.

The makers nor has Apple given any updates about the potential release of a second season. there have been a lot of talks that tell us the makers have spoken about the second season. but there has not been anything told to the public yet. While the leads are very popular actors, the show might get renewed due to its good plot and reviews.

The first season did not specifically inform us about the arrival of another season. it looks like it could suffice as well. But it did leave enough space and gave scope for the potential continuation of it as well with further seasons. The story continues with how Sylvia gets a house with Charlie. It is an enormous one and there’s a lot of mystery hidden in it.

During a party, Will and Sylvia also fight so this continues throughout.. the second season will surely give us answers to if they did finally get used to each other. So until there are any announcements, we will have to wait.

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Platonic Season 2 Predicted Story And Cast

Platonic Season 2 Release Date

The first season is all about Will and Sylvia, two former best friends. These two best friends drift apart after the wedding of Charlie. However, after his divorce, they start talking again. But they do not seem to adjust easily since they get carried away and start affecting each other. They seem to get distracted and also disturb each other’s lives as well.

The story will continue when Charlie and Sylvia get a house finally. This enormous house has three bathrooms and a lot of space. But the main two do not seem to care there had recently been a triple homicide there itself. Will also keeps getting into problems with Sylvia and they end up quarrelling at her housewarming party as well.

After this, it looks like their relationship will finally end but that is not the case. She tries to show him how he is treated at work and tries to get him another job. The story shows how Rev had sexually assaulted a lot of women and it’s not just Sylvia.

After this, he is removed from the position as well and things start going smoothly. After the fast-forward, they show that Sylvia has an event-planning business and now Will is also happy in life. He is engaged to Jenna and he asks Sylvia to help her plan his wedding.

The show can be streamed on Apple TV+.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Platonic

1. When did Platonic release?

Platonic season one was released on May 24. 2023.

2. Where can we stream Platonic online?

Platonic can be streamed online on Apple TV+

3. Will there be another season of Platonic?

Season two of Platonic does not have any updates yet but it looks like there will be some announcements soon.

4. Who are the leads of the story?

Will and Sylvia are the leads of Platonic

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