Operation True Love Chapter 75 Release Date, Plot And More!

Thrilling and interesting stories are getting a lot of audience lately. The manga in discussion is one such story with an interesting plot and very basic characters. Even with such a subtle story, the script is making a lot of impact on the audience. Operation True Love is a story about Shim. She is just a regular student like many others and has no extraordinary qualities. She is average when it comes to her studies and is an introvert.

She has a foster sister called Raim who is the definition of pretty. While she is the opposite of Shim, she is the one who brings attention towards her sister. While looking at her sister’s love life, Shim also got a boyfriend and it ended badly.

The story continues to get more interesting as well. The audience has now been really curious about the release date of Operation True Love chapter 75. This article consists of details about the predicted story, release date, spoilers and a lot more!

Read further to reveal all these details!

Operation True Love Chapter 75 Release Date

The story of Suae Shim and her sister Raim is very interesting. While Shim is very introverted and average, her sister is the opposite. Looking at her sister and her boyfriend, Shim also gets a boyfriend. Minu Kang does not respect her much or take care of her most of the time. The man does not seem to care about her at all. She still sucks it all up and follows him around.

The story continues with her finding a phone in her locker that has pictures of her without him. The story has so far been getting more interesting and the tolerance of the audience towards Minu Kang is also reaching its limit. With all this going on, Chapter 75 is now yet to be released and the audience is very interested in it. The 75th Chapter is going to be released on 26th August, 2023.

The chapter will be released in different time zones at different places. The chapter will be released at 6:00 PM on Saturday in India. In New York, it will be released at 9:30 AM on the 26th. The story will be released at 2:30 PM in London. The story will take longer to release in an English version. It will initially be released in Korean. It can be read on platforms like Webtoons.

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Operation True Love Chapter 75 Predicted Story

Operation True Love is a story written by Kkokkalee and is of the romance and drama genre. The story has had over 70 episodes and the audience has been loving the story. The story of Shim and her toxic boyfriend is now reaching heights. The previous chapter focused on Raim slapping Minu Kang for trying to hit Suae Shim. He was also fighting with Eunhyeok as well and the man had lost his control.

Just when he was about to hit Raim, the teacher came in and calmed down the entire situation. Even though there are many involved, Eunhyeok will be the one who will get into more trouble here. The story will continue on these tracks. But soon, Shim might stand up for herself and change the whole story.

Previously Shim did find a phone with pictures full of Kang abandoning her. This also seems like Eunhyeok, the one who always sees her with pity and care. The story will continue to show how Raim, Shim, Minu Kang and the others will work out situations and bring things back to normal.

The story is available on many manga reading websites and will be released with its English version as well. If there is anything new, we will update you.

Until then, stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Operation True Love

1. Who is the lead of Operation True Love?

Operation True Love is about Suae Shim and Minu Kang.

2. How many episodes does Operation True Love have currently?

The story of Operation True Love consists of 74 episodes right now.

3. Who is Minu Kang on Operation True Love?

Minu Kang is the boyfriend of Suae Shim in Operation True Love.

4. Where can we read Operation True Love online?

Operation True Love can be read on many online platforms like Webtoons.

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