Lucky Hank Season 2 Release Date: Are Bob Odenkirk And The Others Back For Another Dramedy Season?

Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk with AMC has once again swept us all off our feet with the recent release of Lucky Hank. Lucky Hank is an American black dramedy created by Paul Lieverstein and Aaron Zelman, and produced by Afternoon Nap Productions, Ponyboy Productions, Gran Via Productions, Le Foole Inc., AMC Studios, and TriStar Television. 

The first season has released eight episodes on the AMC channel, with the original release date being 19th March 2023. They have adapted Lucky Hank from Richard Russo’s book, ‘Straight Man’. The series has received a rating of 6.8 from IMDb, 93% from Rotten Tomatoes, and 3.5/5 from the Times of India. After the grand success of the first installment, the audience wants to know the details about Lucky Hank Season 2.

Lucky Hank Season 2 Release Date

When AMC broadcast the first season of Lucky Hank, neither the channel nor the creators gave any official information regarding Lucky Hank Season 2. The ratings and views are slowly rising, and it might take some time before the showrunners decide on renewal or cancellation. When Bob Odenkirk’s Breaking Bad hit the screens, it also took a while to reach the global acclaim it has now. 

Name Of The ShowLucky Hank
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreComedy Drama
IMDB Rating6.8/10
Streaming OnSony Liv
Lucky Hank Season 1 Release Date19 March 2023
Lucky Hank Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

We also expect Lucky Hank to grow its fanbase slowly, and the creators might renew it for a second installment. The show has a lot of future potential, and several critics have attested to that. As of now, the Lucky Hank Season 2 release date is unknown. 

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Lucky Hank Season 2 Story

Lucky Hank revolves around a middle-aged couple named Hank and Lily. Hank works at Railton College as the chairperson of the English Department, and his wife Lily is the vice principal of their town’s high school. Hank seems to go through a lot of unresolved trauma, like when his father left him and Laurel, his mother, which resulted in him losing his creative spark and even trying to attempt suicide. 

He is also frustrated with his job and the division in the educational institution. With time, even his wife starts questioning her life choices and tries to build her life up again. The couple has to go through marital problems as well when Lily cheats on Hank with Russell. Lucky Hank Season 2 has the potential for several arcs. We might see the strained relationship between Hank and Lily getting resolved or broken, or the comeback of Henry Sr. in Hank’s life. 

Lucky Hank Season 2 Cast

Bob Odenkirk plays the role of William Henry Devereaux Jr., while Mireille Enos plays the role of Lily Devereaux, his wife. William Henry is also lovingly called Hank. Cedric Yarbrough plays Paul Rourke, Diedrich Bader plays Tony Conigula, and Julie Devereaux is played by Olivia Scott Welch. Sara Amini and Suzanne Cryer were cast as Meg Quigley and Gracie DuBois, respectively. 

Recurring cast members include Nancy Robertson in the role of Billie Quigley, Daniel Doheny as Russell, Oscar Nuñez in the role of Dean Jacob Rose, and Haig Sutherland as Finny. Special guest stars include Brian Huskey as George Saunders, Kyle MacLachlan as Dickie Pope, and Chris Gethard as Jeffrey Epstein. Tom Loring was played by Chris Diamantopoulos, Ashley by Jennifer Spence, and Henry Devereaux Sr. by Tom Bower. The main cast might come back for Lucky Hank Season 2 if the show gets renewed.  

Lucky Hank Season 2 Trailer

The creators have not renewed Lucky Hank for a second season until now, so Lucky Hank season 2 has no trailer for it. However, the trailers for the first season are available on online sites like YouTube. 

Where Can You Lucky Hank Season 2 Online?

Lucky Hank season 1 finished broadcasting all eight episodes on the AMC network. If you are from India, SonyLiv has the right to the first installment. It is also available on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, or Google Play. If Lucky Hank Season 2 releases its episode, the AMC network will remain the official broadcasting partner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did the creators cancel Lucky Hank Season 2? 

Lucky Hank Season 2 has neither been canceled nor renewed.

2. How many episodes does the first season of Lucky Hank have? 

Lucky Hank, season one, has eight episodes.

3. Is the show available on Netflix? 

Unfortunately, Netflix does not have the streaming rights to Lucky Hank season 2. You can watch it on SonyLiv.

4. Does Lucky Hank have any connection with The Office? 

Bob Odenkirk auditioned for the role of The Office’s Michael Scott before it went to Steve Carell.

5. Is the show good? 

Lucky Hank and its actors have created an entertaining watch for all.

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