Is Sukhee Based On A True Story? Is There More To Shilpa Shetty’s Role?

Women’s empowerment and modern feminism have become a real thing in the world today. Females are trying to break their societal roles to fit in, and are exploring their own dream of having their own life which they can lead according to their own terms. 

The patriarchy still runs us, but women are trying hard to show people the toxic masculinity behind this facade of protecting and providing for women. And what is the contribution of Bollywood to this cause? The entertainment industry is of great influence and can be used as a tool against this fight. 

What hoards of slogans and rallies and debates cannot solve, maybe a simple slice-of-life film might just can. If you have seen movies like Queen and English Vinglish where the titular female characters Rani and Shashi break the societal boundaries and free themselves of the loop of patriarchy. 

On a trip, both these women portrayed by Kangana Ranaut and the late Sridevi respectively, find their real selves which they kept hidden to fit into society and their families. The upcoming Shilpa Shetty movie titled Sukhee follows a similar pattern of a woman named Sukhee. It is also after months that we will see Shilpa Shetty on the big screen. 

This new movie has been written by Radhika Anand and Sonal Joshi, directed by Joshi, and produced by Abundantia Entertainment and T-Series along with Shikhaa Sharma, Sanjay Bali, Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Sanjana Malhotra, and others. Sukhee is set for a theatrical release on Friday, 22 September 2023.

Is Sukhee Based On A True Story?

Sukhee is not based on a true story. But one of its genres is slice-of-life, which means certain incidents that happen in our daily lives might be portrayed. Or maybe a certain scene can be relatable for us. Sukhee is a fictional story about a woman named Sukhpreet Kalra and her journey to self-discovery just like Rani and Shashi. 

Now, even though the film Sukhee is not based on a true story, it can be highly relatable for people. A Sukhee, a Rani, and a Shashi exist everywhere. Women who are unable to follow their dreams of making their careers, or women who have forgotten about their own lives while tending to the needs of others will definitely find this movie showing themselves. 

Some of our mothers are real-life Sukhees. All day, they take care of us, cook our favorite meals, wash our dirty clothes, clean the rooms we sleep in at night, and other various hectic responsibilities. Not one job in their schedule is for them. It is important to remember married women face this more than unmarried women. The former is expected to be at the beck and call of her in-laws. Amidst all the duties, where does the real woman with her own dreams vanish? 

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Sukhee Plot

The story of Sukhee follows the life of Sukhpreet Kalra who is a 38-year-old Punjabi housewife. She is lovingly called Sukhee. We all know how tiring and mundane the lives of housewives are. One day Sukhee gets tired of her everyday responsibilities and makes a decision to go for her school reunion happening in Delhi. 

Over a span of seven days, she goes through a plethora of incidents which makes her relive her 17-year-old lost self. When she goes back to her family, Sukhee is just not a mother, a wife, and a daughter-in-law. She is now a woman whose name is Sukhpreet Kalra. 

Sukhee Cast

In Sukhee, we have Shilpa Shetty Kundra in the role of Sukhee Kalra; Anjali Sharma in the role of Babli; Vinod Nagpal in the role of Dadaji; Kiran Kumar in the role of Sukhee’s father; Purnima Rathod in the role of Sukhee’s mother; and Komal Sachdeva in the role of Sejal. 

We will also see Sejal Gupta in the role of Preeti and Maahi Jain in the role of Jassi. Alongside them, we have Amit Sadh, Dilnaz Irani, Kusha Kapila, Chaitannya Choudhury; and Pavleen Gujral in the lead roles of Sukhee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Sukhee based on a true story?

Sukhee is not based on a true story and all incidents and characters of the movie are fictional.

2. Where can I watch Sukhee online?

Sukhee is not currently available online to watch, but it will be on Netflix after a few months.

3. Is there going to be a Sukhee Part 2?

At the time of writing, the creators did not say anything about Sukhee Part 2.

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