Is Dhoomam Based On A True Story?

Cigarette smoking is injurious to our health. How many times have we heard or seen this slogan? Innumerable times. If you had to describe the Malayali movie Dhoomam and its message to the world, it would be that one single sentence. Dhoomam has been directed and written by Pawan Kumar, and produced by Vijay Kiragandur and Hombale Films. 

It was recently released on 23rd June 2023 in theaters and has amassed a rating of 5.5 from IMDb, 2.7/5 from Times of India, and 3.3/5 from Google users, till now. Dhoomam was originally decided to be released as C10H14N2, but the title was later changed. 

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Is Dhoomam Based On A True Story?

The word Dhoomam translates to smoke. And this movie is about how cigarette smoking is endangering human beings and their daily lifestyle. This is the only thing that is true and related to real life. Other than this, Dhoomam is not based on a true story. The plot and characters are fictional and created by the crew. The synopsis of the story on most sites is how a young man with no memories races against the clock to save his life. 

To describe it, Dhoomam is a story about a young man named Avinash, lovingly known as Avi, and his gorgeous wife, Diya. Avi works as a marketing head at a hotshot cigarette company and comes up with a marketing strategy to bring in more customers. His life, both personal and professional, seems to be going well until he starts getting pangs of guilt for seemingly destroying lives via his campaigns. 

Avi’s attractive strategies also bring in consumers who are little kids or young adults. The multinational company does not care about their well-being and is only focused on the profits generated by the massive sales. Not being able to take this heart-wrenching guilt, he decides to quit his job. However, that is not as easy as it seems. 

Avi and Diya get kidnapped by someone and have to pay 1 crore Indian rupees as ransom or the time bomb inside them would go off. The twist comes on later when they realize that the bomb inside can be stalled by smoking. When Avi reaches out to Sid, his friend and boss, and Praveen, his uncle, his pleas fall on deaf ears. 

Soon after this altercation, Praveen is murdered, and Sid is shot, making the couple the prime suspects. It is then a race for Avi and Diya against the antagonists; and several attempts to foil the destructive plans they had. 

Meet The Dhoomam Cast

The main leads of the movie have been played by Fahadh Faasil and Aparna Balamurali. They were cast in the roles of Avi and Diya, respectively. We also see Roshan Mathew in the role of Sid; Achyuth Kumar in the role of Prakash; Vineeth in the role of Praveen; and Anu Mohan in the role of Satya. Additional characters include the Minister played by Joy Mathew and the Minister’s secretary played by Nandhu. 

Where Can You Watch Dhoomam Online?

The trailer for Dhoomam is available online on various sites including YouTube and IMDb. The promotional videos and teasers can also be found online. The movie Dhoomam did not have an OTT release and was released in theaters on 23rd June 2023. Since the release date of this South Indian movie is recent, it will be a long time before it becomes accessible online. 

Some OTT channels like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video can take over the streaming rights. The bets are on Amazon Prime Video since most South Indian movies sign over their streaming rights to the same platform. It may also be broadcast on local Indian television channels like Star Gold and Set Max. For now, you can only watch Dhoomam at your nearest local movie hall.

Dhoomam Movie Reviews

The reviews and ratings for Dhoomam can be considered average. Viewers agree that even though the film had potential, the makers failed in carrying it out well. The plot lacked in certain areas and the dialogues seemed monotonous. However, the cast has been praised for their exceptional performances. The message of the movie seems clear, but it needed to be more gripping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Dhoomam based on a real story?

The story of Dhoomam is fictional.

2. Is there a Dhoomam Part 2?

During the making of the first installment, there was no discussion about Dhoomam Part 2.

3. Is Dhoomam for kids?

Young adults can watch Dhoomam under parental supervision.

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