Who Is Durlabh Kashyap? The Kohinoor Of Ujjain: A 19-Year-Old Criminal Or Is There More To The Story?

Every day we get to watch some amazing shows on crime which keeps us all enthralled. But what if the same crime was happening in our real lives? That would be a spine-chilling story like the life of teenager Durlabh Kashyap. When we grew up with friends, we would go out and play in fields, shop together, have many sleepovers, and even get drunk sometimes. 

But Durlabh Kashyap saw a whole different world with guns, ammunition, hatred, fear, and violence which caused his untimely death. We rarely come across children as gangsters and Durlabh has created a curiosity amongst all of us. It makes us wonder about his life and upbringing, and whether we could have saved him from the destructive path that took his life.

Who Is Durlabh Kashyap?

Durlabh Kashyap was born to a Hindu family in 2000 in Ujjain. He was a notorious criminal with several cases of extortion, riots, illegal weapons, and drug peddling among others, going on against him. Durlabh Kashyap is famously called the Kohinoor of Ujjain. According to his parents, he had shown no inclination toward the world of crime growing up. He wanted to join a noble profession and be a doctor or an engineer. But, he also wished to be a famous persona. 

This made him gravitate towards certain unruly individuals at the age of 15. When Durlabh was 17, he was knee-deep in the underworld and its criminal activities. He would extort money and valuable items from local shopkeepers and businesses. In 2018, he started using social media for his illegal work. He opened a Facebook page wherein lewd images were posted. 

This was an opportunity for him and his gang members to get hired if anyone needed to threaten, maim or kill someone. At the age of 18, Durlabh Kashyap had more than a hundred young males in his gang. All of them worshipped him and called him King. The people in Ujjain started being scared of a mere teenager because such was his power and ability to threaten others. 

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Durlabh Kashyap and his gang followed a strict dress code. They wore a scarf around their necks, a red tika on their foreheads, and applied kohl or surma on their eyes. This is a classic look for politicians and local gangsters. Durlabh kept dangerous weapons with him and was not afraid to use them whenever required. Gradually, word of his rule reached others and the gangs of Shahnawaz and Shadab became his stark enemies. 

His reign of terror went on for a while before he and certain gang members of his were arrested on 27th October 2018 by IPS Sachin Atulkar. When it was found out that all the arrested people were minors, they were transported to the Children’s Observation Home. Mr. Atulkar was the one to warn Durlabh of the powerful enemies he had made, and how being in jail would be the safest place for him. 

This shook him deeply to the core, and he even refused to come out of jail after the completion of his sentence. Durlabh Kashyap was sent to the Bhairavgarh Jail in Indore once he reached the legal age of 18. His fear of getting killed made him stay in jail till 2020 when he came out during the lockdown period. 

Durlabh Kashyap Death

Maybe, coming out of jail in 2020 was the worst decision Durlabh Kashyap ever made. Or maybe the worst decision was him going back to the world of crime when he had been given a way out. After being released from Bhairavgarh jail, he went home to his mother in Ujjain. For refreshment purposes, Durlabh used to go for late-night rides with his friends and plan their upcoming siege. 

One day, he went to a local tea stall in Hailawadi and started threatening the shopkeeper. The police refused to be of assistance when the man reached out. When this news reached Durlabh’s ears, he took some of his gang members and reached the tea stall at around 2 AM on 7th September 2020. 

Upon reaching there, they got into a violent altercation with Shehnawaz and his gang. Durlabh shot Shehnawaz, and to protect their boss, Shehnawaz’s gang members started attacking Durlabh. He succumbed to the 34-37 stab wounds, just two months before his 20th birthday. When the police reached the crime scene around 4 AM, they found three pairs of slippers and arrested people from both gangs. 

Seven months after he died, Durlabh Kashyap’s mother, Padma also left the world. The tea stall owner reportedly committed suicide as well. The story of Durlabh Kashyap had a tragic end and makes us wonder whether the younger generations are being influenced by something positive or negative.

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