Is Brotherly Love Based On A True Story? Know The Truth About The Students Here!

It is going to be almost a decade since the release of Brotherly Love in 2015, and yet the viewers cannot seem to get over this masterpiece of a movie. It has been written and directed by Jamal Hill, and produced by Flavor Unit Films, Javaci Films, and Electric Republic, along with Charles Charlie Mack Alston, Ron Robinson, Shelby Stone, and Yaneley Arty. The movie was released on 24 April 2015 and was distributed by Freestyle Releasing. 

Brotherly Love has garnered a rating of 6.6 from IMDb, 79% from Rotten Tomatoes, and 96% from Google users making the reviews range from moderate to high. Amidst the popularity of this film, certain things were too real to be ignored. And it has brought up an important question amongst the viewers. Is the movie Brotherly Love based on a true story? 

Is Brotherly Love Based on a True Story?

No, the movie Brotherly Love is not based on a true story. It has already been confirmed by Jamal Hill, the writer and director of this movie, that this film is not based on any real-life figures or personalities. However, he did admit that Brotherly Love has been inspired by certain things, especially his childhood in Philadelphia. 

He spent most of his early days in New York before shifting to Philadelphia with his mother. Hill was just a high school junior at the time. According to an interview with Times Union, he said this movie is more of an autobiography, but it is purely fictional. Some events were based on real-life and some were based on his experiences. 

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Brotherly Love Plot

The plot of Brotherly Love revolves around three siblings, Sergio, June the elder brother, and Jackie, Sergio’s twin sister. Sergio wants to be a basketball player while June lost that dream after he had to provide for his family following the death of their father. Jackie wants to be a famous musician but falls in love with Chris. 

The movie starts with the murder of five hill boys, and Jackie going to school to learn about a hill boy named Chris. She goes to the library and comes across Chris who offers to drive her home ignoring the fact she is June’s sister. Dez, Sergio’s friend, informs him and Sean of robbing a house on the hill. But, the former remains hesitant. 

One day after the death of Bunch, one of June’s friends, he and Sergio are ambushed outside their house. Sergio escapes, but June is captured and all his money is stolen. They even shoot their mother. Time passes as Chris and Jackie continue their romance, Sergio thinks of Dez’s robbery plan to solve their monetary issues, and their mother heals. 

During the school dance, Dez, Sean, and Sergio go to steal from the house up the hill. Dez and Sean get arrested by the police while loading a flat-screen TV in the car, but Sergio is set free. At the dance, June and Chris engage in a conversation and the former is shot dead. 

It turns out the murder of the five hill boys at the beginning of the movie was orchestrated by June, and Omar, Chris’s cousin, was killed. Two years later, we see Sergio as a successful basketball player who lives with his mother, Jackie, and her child. Chris is still in prison and shows remorse for everything. 

Brotherly Love Cast

In Brotherly Love, we have Keke Palmer in the role of Jackie; Cory Hardrict in the role of June; Quincy Brown in the role of Chris; Eric D. Hill Jr. in the role of Sergio; Romeo Miller in the role of Sean; and Logan Browning in the role of Trina. 

We also see Macy Gray acting as Mrs. Taylor; Malik Yoba acting as Coach; Faizon Love acting as Uncle Ron; Jay Lewis acting as Peanut; and Marc John Jefferies acting as Bunch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Brotherly Love based on a true story?

It has been confirmed by the writer of the movie that Brotherly Love is not based on a true story but has been inspired by his upbringing in Philadelphia.

2. How many episodes are there for Brotherly Love?

Brotherly Love is a movie of about 89 minutes and has no episodes.

3. Where can you watch Brotherly Love in India?

If you are from India, you can watch Brotherly Love on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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