Hobbs And Shaw 2 Release Date: Is It Confirmed By Dwayne Johnson?

If you had to name one franchise close to everyone’s hearts, it would be The Fast And Furious franchise. Ever since the passing of Paul Walker, these movies seem closer. Hobbs And Shaw is one spin-off of the Fast And Furious franchise. Hobbs And Shaw was released as Fast And Furious Presents: Hobbs And Shaw. 

The movie has been directed by David Leitch, written by Chris Morgan, and produced by Seven Bucks Productions and Chris Morgan Productions. The first premiere of Hobbs And Shaw was on 13th July 2019 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. It was released in the United States on 2nd August 2019 and was a bigger hit than anyone expected. It received a rating of 6.5 from IMDb and 68% from Rotten Tomatoes making the fans eager for Hobbs And Shaw 2. 

Hobbs And Shaw 2 Release Date

In 2020, Dwayne Johnson had already confirmed Hobbs And Shaw 2 in an Instagram Live. Some of the main crew of the Fast And Furious franchise later confirmed this. In June 2023, Johnson further revealed they had set the title of the sequel as Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs And Reyes. 

Name Of The ShowHobbs And Shaw
Season NumberPart 2
IMDB Rating8.5/10
Streaming OnNetflix
Hobbs And Shaw 1 Release DateAugust 2, 2019
Hobbs And Shaw 2 Release DateNot Announced

This Reyes is Dante Reyes, the psycho son of the antagonist Hernan Reyes. Jason Momoa will be back to reprise his role of Dante Reyes. However, there has been no mention of Shaw’s character. The new Hobbs And Shaw 2 will not continue from the previous film’s ending and will follow a new storyline where Hobbs will chase Reyes. As of June 2023, the Hobbs And Shaw 2 release date is unknown.

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Hobbs And Shaw 2 Story

The story of Hobbs And Shaw is set after what happened in the movie The Fate Of The Furious. The movie opens with Hattie Shaw, an M16 agent, trying to retrieve Snowflake from the Eteon organization in London. Snowflake is a deadly virus that can eradicate humanity and it was with the terrorist organization, Eteon. 

Brixton Lore, who used to work for M16 and is now with Eteon kills everyone on Hattie’s team before she escapes with the last dose of Snowflake in her system. It is after this dangerous incident that Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw come together to get to the end. Hobbs tracks down Hattie and brings her to the CIA office where Deckard identifies her as his sister. 

The CIA office gets attacked by Brixton, which is a shock to Deckard since he was sure of his demise. Brixton marks Hobbs, Shaw, and his sister as traitors. The trio contacts Professor Andreiko, the creator of Snowflake who informs them that Hattie should either be cremated or have the virus extradited from her body. 

This extradition can happen with a unique device in an Eteon center in Chernobyl. Even though they rescue the device, it gets damaged and Professor Andreiko gets murdered. The final scene is set in Samoa, Hobbs’ native place where the trio visits for help from Jonah Hobbs, a mechanic. 

A fight ensues between the Hobbs and the Shaws and the Eteon group wherein the former emerges victorious. Brixton is killed by the Eteon director who vows revenge on the heroes. We see Hobbs taking his daughter to Samoa in the post-credits scenes along with Detective Locke informing him of another virus. 

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Hobbs And Shaw 2 Cast

Hobbs And Shaw cast Dwayne Johnson in the role of Luke Hobbs; Jason Statham in the part of Deckard Shaw; Idris Elba in the role of Brixton Lore; Vanessa Kirby in the role of Hattie Shaw; and Eiza González in the role of Magarita. We also see Cliff Curtis cast for Jonah Hobbs; Helen Mirren cast for Magdalene Shaw; Joe Anoa’i cast for Mateo Hobbs; and Eddie Marson cast for Professor Andreiko. 

Eliana Su’a, John Tui, and Josh Mauga were cast for Sam Hobbs, Kal Hobbs, and Timo Hobbs respectively. Ryan Reynolds, Rob Delaney, David Leitch, and Kevin Hart had special appearances. Keanu Reeves was supposed to be the Eteon director before the role went to Reynolds. 

Hobbs And Shaw 2 Trailer 

Hobbs And Shaw 2 has been officially confirmed but has no available trailer. The trailer for Hobbs And Shaw is available online.

Where Can You Watch Hobbs And Shaw 2 Online?

Hobbs And Shaw 2 is being made and has not been released. Hobbs And Shaw is available on many platforms like Amazon, Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Google Play Movies among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Hobbs And Shaw 2 release date?

The Hobbs And Shaw 2 release date is unknown, but the movie is confirmed.

2. Will Dwayne Johnson be back for Hobbs And Shaw 2?

Dwayne Johnson will reprise his role as Hobbs in Hobbs And Shaw 2.

3. Is Hobbs And Shaw for children?

Hobbs And Shaw has lots of disturbing scenes not suitable for kids.

4. Does Deckard Shaw die in Hobbs And Shaw?

Deckard Shaw is alive and well in Hobbs And Shaw.

5. Is Hobbs And Shaw 2 available?

Hobbs And Shaw 2 is unavailable as of June 2023.

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