Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date: Will Bean, Luci, And Elfo Finally Face Off?

Remember when we used to be children and watched Tom And Jerry, Pingu, and Bob The Builder among so many other animated shows? Cartoon Network and Pogo were part of our daily lives back in the 2000s. Disenchantment is Netflix’s attempt to bring back our lost days. 

This fantasy sitcom has been created by Matt Groening, developed by Josh Weinstein and Matt Groening, and produced by The ULULU Company along with Claudia Katz, Reid Harrison, Eric Horsted, David X. Cohen, and Patrick M. Verrone among others. Technically, Disenchantment has two seasons consisting of four parts. However, fans consider the fifth part to be Disenchantment Season 5. 

The first part of Season 1 consisting of 10 episodes was released on 17th August 2018, and the second part came out on 20th September 2019 with 10 episodes as well. The second season was also released in two parts with the first part releasing on 15th January 2021 and the second part on 9th February 2022. 

Both of them had 10 episodes each. Disenchantment received a rating of 7.2 from IMDb, 65% from Rotten Tomatoes, and 92% from Google users making the reviews range from moderate to high. Viewers are now waiting patiently for Disenchantment Season 5.

Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date

Fans were concerned when Netflix removed the official trailers for Disenchantment from their official YouTube channel. But their fears came to an end when showrunner Josh Weinstein took to Twitter in January 2023 and confirmed the coming of Disenchantment Season 5. 

He also revealed that the post-production work was taking place. However, there has been no official confirmed release date by Netflix. As of July 2023, the Disenchantment Season 5 release date is unknown. 

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Disenchantment Season 5 Story

The story of Disenchantment focuses on Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeau Grunkwitz from the fantasy world of Dreamland or plain old Bean. Dreamland is a European kingdom set in the Middle Ages where Bean’s father King Zøg is the ruler. Bean is a 19-year-old teenager and with every teenager comes their issues. 

For her, she used to drink a lot and had a rebellious nature. This was clear when she refused to be given over to the Underworld by her mother Queen Dagmar, an evil witch. On the other hand, Bean cares for her father and the people of her land. She also has a magical power for producing black lightning. 

All seasons of Disenchantment follow Bean and her two companions Luci and Elfo as they navigate through Dreamland and its neighboring kingdoms while uncovering hidden truths buried deep. Luci is her personal demon and people often mistake him for a cat and Elfo is a half-elf from the world of Elfwood.

In the last season of Disenchantment, we saw Bean being rescued by Mora, her love interest after the evil Queen Dagmar tried killing her by pushing her into the seawater. Bean also finished her evil doppelgänger Bad Bean. Disenchantment Season 5 can show us more of Bean and Mora’s love story, Queen Dagmar’s plan, and King Zøg’s arc.

Disenchantment Season 5 Characters

The voice of Bean is by Abbi Jacobson; the voice of Luci and Pendergast is by Eric André; the voice of Elfo is by Nat Faxon; the voice of King Zøg is by John DiMaggio; and the voice of Queen Oona and Prince Derek is by Tress MacNeille.

The voice of Prince Merkimer is by Matt Berry; the voice of Odval is by Maurice LaMarche; and the voice of Queen Dagmar is by Sharon Horgan. The main cast will be the same for Disenchantment Season 5.

Disenchantment Season 5 Trailer

Since Disenchantment Season 5 is in post-production, there is no available trailer for it. The trailers for the previous seasons are online.

Where Can You Watch Disenchantment Season 5 Online?

Since Disenchantment is a Netflix original, the episodes are streaming on the OTT platform. Disenchantment Season 5 is also expected to be released on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Disenchantment Season 5 going to come?

Disenchantment Season 5 is in post-production.

2. How are the ratings for Disenchantment?

The reviews and ratings for Disenchantment range from moderate to high.

3. How many episodes does Disenchantment Season 5 have?

Disenchantment Season 5 is unreleased, but the previous seasons have 40 in total.

4. Is Disenchantment suitable for kids?

Disenchantment is an animated series suitable for all age groups.

5. Will Disenchantment Season 5 be the last?

As of July 2023, there is no official update confirming Disenchantment Season 5 to be the last season.

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