Citrus Season 2 Release Date: Will The Love Story Continue?

Anime comes in a lot of genres and the most common ones are drama, romance and crime. The one we are discussing today is based on love and drama. Citrus is a very popular anime that is based solely on love, obstacles and a lot of drama that is filled in it. The manga is by Saburouta and surely nobody had expected it to become such a big success.

The manga was created into many other forms like anime and also a movie just about it! The anime was directed by Takeo Takahashi and Tatsuwa Naoki. The series became a huge blockbuster and we all loved it as well. The audience and viewers have been thrilled and are waiting for another season of this beautiful anime.

The movie of this story also came out and was by Passion Studio. The team of the show includes Hiroshi Kawamura, Takema Okamura and others. The love story between two youngsters is surely one to watch for!

Well, is the show finally coming back with another season?

Read further to know more!

Citrus Season 2 Release Date

The anime Citrus came out over five years ago and ever since then the audience has been waiting to know about it. The makers have always been very interested and that is why the first one came out to be so good. The first season came out in 2018 and it shows us the story of Yuzu and Mei.

Name Of The ShowCitrus
Season NumberSeason 2
IMDB Rating6.5/10
Streaming OnFunimation
Citrus Season 1 Release Date7 January 2018
Citrus Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

The story is very interesting and its theme creates a lot of fun in the show as well. How Yuzu’s life shifts completely after some changes in her life is what the story is all about. Coming back to the main topic, let us talk about the second season.

The makers have never spoken about the arrival of another season. there has never even been any information about the renewal or cancellation of the show as well. Five years have passed and we still do not know if the show is returning back or not.

But looking at how things are left unsaid, the return of the show is surely sceptical. The maker might come back with another season after a while but as of now, the show and its return do not look very feasible. So do not keep much hope about it and let’s discuss about the arrival if there is any news about it!

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Citrus Season 2 Predicted Story

The show is mainly about the life of Yuzu. Yuzu’s life changes when her mother decides to remarry. This then led them to shift to another place and start with a new life. When she goes to another house, she realises that the girl she does not like is her step-sister.

Without many options left, Yuzu and Mei live together. Without their own knowledge and thoughts, they start developing feelings towards each other. This feeling later on turns out to be mutual and the story continues about that as well.

The second season will surely focus on them and their relationship itself. How feelings are reciprocated and how their enmity goes away with their new thoughts and heartfelt feelings can be seen. There surely is a change in the air and it will be clearly visible to the audience as well.

The story might create more drama by adding an antagonist who will try to make things difficult for the couple. So will their love continue to bloom and will it whither like a flower and just go away due to the complications caused?

We will only know if the show comes out.

So, if there is any information about the second season’s release, we will let you know.

Until then, stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Citrus

1. When did season 1 of Citrus release?

The first season of citrus came out in 2018.

2. What are the genres of Citrus?

Citrus is based on love and drama.

3. Who is the main lead of the story Citrus?

Yuzu is the lead of the anime

4. Who does Yuzu fall in love with?

In Citrus, Yuzu and Mei fall in love with each other.

5. Was Citrus season two cancelled?

No, Citrus was never officially cancelled nor renewed. So, if there is a possibility for its renewal, we will update you!

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