The 100 Season 8 Release Date: When Will the Post-Apocalyptic Drama Return?

Novel series are always the best. Being adapted from such a book, there will always be a lot of details to cover. The story we are discussing about is of one such origin. The 100 is a series adapted from the book series by a very popular author. Kass Morgan has created this story with sheer compassion and interest and it is shown in the book as well. The story is a huge science-fiction drama that follows a group of survivors who are also criminals.

The audience has loved every season of the show and is now waiting for more of it. The story is said to be a legacy for the CW. The story is started on the note of an apocalypse and now, it has already changed. The seventh season focused a lot on the plot development and now the audience is very curious to know if there will be an eighth season.

The series might return for another season or not. To know more about its arrival, read further!

The 100 Season 8 Release Date

The show The 100 is created by the effort of both WB & CW. The seventh season was a major good one which consisted of many details. The story evolved over the seasons and became a very beautifully shaped plot as well. This is a post-apocalyptic drama series with a tinge of science in it. The story is about a group of people from the Ark. The Ark is a spaceship that consists of criminal survivors.

Name Of The ShowThe 100
Season NumberSeason 8
IMDB Rating7.6/10
Streaming OnHBO Max
The 100 Season 1 Release Date19 March 2014
The 100 Season 8 Release DateNot Announced

After many seasons, it has evolved better and there are a lot of details that the audience needs to know. Season seven depends on a deep story. Now focusing on the main point, the viewers have been very curious about the eighth season. unfortunately, the show has ended and it is confirmed that there will not be another season ahead.

The makers have made their decision that the seventh one will be the last of the series and that there will not be another one. The creator Jason said so himself. On his Twitter handle, Jason Rothenberg has announced in 2019 that the eighth will be the end of the show.

So, another one season can not be expected and the series will not be renewed as told. So, the decision has told us that the show is over as well. Since the decision was planned earlier, the makers were able to give the seventh one all they’ve got and made it into a good ending.

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The 100 Season 8 Story

The story follows the criminal survivors on their spaceship. There are from a spaceship called The Ark. Their story is based on how they are on a mission to see if a planet is suitable for human life at all. The story did begin on this note and now, their plot has evolved through the seasons. The seventh one being the best, it has finally come to an end.

The seventh season shows are the story of inhabitants as they are in their own battle. They are trying to defeat this dark commander. The seventh season follows mainly this plot and has developed further on the same base. The story depends on a wormhole where there will be six planets that are fully linked as well.

With some major twists, turns and interesting factors, the story has finally come to a good end. It was a beloved tale to many who found this very interesting and loved the plot as well. The 100 has thus come to a good end and the audience couldn’t have asked for a better one.

For more updates, stay tuned.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The 100

1. How many seasons are there in The 100?

The 100 is a story with seven seasons

2. Where can we watch The 100?

The story can be viewed on The CW.

3. Was The 100 cancelled?

Yes, the show has been cancelled and will not return back to the screens.

4. What is the genre of The 100?

The 100 is based on the post-apocalyptic science- fiction genre.

5. When did season 7 of The 100 premiere?

The 100 season seven was released on the 20th of Mat in 2020.

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