Undercover Underage Season 3 Release Date: Will The Hunt for Online Predators Continues?

There have been very popular series from different industries and this has caught the eyes of the audience as well. Previously most of us were into sitcoms from America or documentaries from England but there are so many good series of different countries. Dutch stories are trending as well. The one we are discussing about today is also of the same origin.

Undercover Underage is a brilliant show written by Nico Molenaar and is a Belgian- Dutch collaboration here. The story is very thrilling and has many aspects of drugs and dealers is shown. While the theme is rough and has a lot of scenes with brutal honesty, this only serves as a source to say it is a must-watch.

The show has recently completed two seasons and there have been many questions regarding the third season of this show. Well, there have been a lot of speculations about its cancellation or renewal. If that is what you are looking for, we will discuss in further sections about the potential release of the series.

Undercover Underage Season 3 Release Date

The series Undercover Underage revolves around the plot of the life of a drug dealer who sells ecstasy. Being the direction of Eshref Reybrouck and Devos Frank, the show has come out magnificently. Being a Netflix original in many countries, it has had numerous views and reviews.

The first season of this show came out in May 2019 on Netflix for the world. But also in Belgium, the show premiered on 24th February 2019 through a broadcast on Een as well. The show was highly loved for its plot and genre. While the prospects of its release are not sure, there are many guesses.

The first season came out in 2019 and the second one was released in 2021. Which means the makers maintained a certain gap. If viewed in that direction, the show is supposed to be back in 2023. After the release of the second one, the makers have been really quiet and have not made any announcements. We do not know about its return or cancellation.

If the show does return, it can be surely expected in 2024. Until we do have a reliable source, it is better to wait for the maker’s announcement. If there is anything we know, we will update you!

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Undercover Underage Season 3 Predicted Story And Cast

The story revolves mainly around drug lords and dealers. The story is about how there is an investigation by the law agencies and that they are holding some druglords responsible for some incidents. The main character here is the drug lord Ferry Bourman and he has done a wonderful performance. The role is played by Frank Lammers.

Another important character is his wife who the undercover agents are targeting. Danielle Bouman is an important aspect of the story as her role is played by Elisa. The undercover agents are trying really hard to gain her trust and her husband’s as well. But even though this, it is not easy to crack. The agents and their roles are played by Anna and Tom Waes.

While most of the cast will remain the same, there will be a few changes and new additions in the next season if it ever happens. The plot will also be interesting to watch for sure. Revolving around the life of Ferry Bouman and how he has escaped his punishment, the law is set to find him and teach him a lesson. If you love this, do give it a watch!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Undercover Underage

  1. What is Undercover Underage about?

The show Undercover Underage talks about drug dealers and how they are trying to escape from the investigation.

  1. How many seasons does Undercover Underage have?

The show Undercover Underage currently has two seasons.

  1. Was Undercover Underage cancelled?

There have not been any updates on its cancellation yet.

  1. What is the genre of Undercover Underage?

The show Undercover Underage is a crime mystery genre.

  1. Will there be a third season of Undercover Underage?

There have not been any updates but since the show is so well-known, it might surely return for another season.

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