Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date, Potential Story, Characters And Spoilers!

Action adventure animes are now a household name. those who are really into anime have watched at least one such series. Many anime series are based on a source. It’s either a webcomic, manga, manhwa, etc. The one in discussion today is the Tower Of God. This is an anime that is by SIU. SIU is the sole writer and illustrator of the Manhwa series. The story is a dark and thrilling action-adventure genre.

The story revolves and gives a glimpse to the audience about the life of Twenty-Fifth Bam. He’s had to spend all his life in a very different setting than usual. But, the twists come in when a girl comes in and brings the entire modern world to him. As time passes, there builds a very strong connection between them. But, she has to leave. Will she come back? Will they succeed in saving their love? Well, the answers to these questions lie in the first season of Tower Of God.

The first season premiered in 2020 and ever since then, the audience has been waiting for another season. the series is a Crunchyroll original too. The answer to the question of its second season is here!

Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date

Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date

Tower Of god is an action-adventure anime that has a deep plot. The story is eternal and keeps the audience focused on it. It is a fantasy series but the cliffhanger has kept the audience questioning the second season’s arrival. The first season of Tower Of God came out in April 2020. The story is based on the manhwa by SIU is a very strong one. The content seems to be interesting and the quality too.

Name Of The ShowTower Of God
Season NumberSeason 2
Tower Of God Season 1 Release Date1 April 2020
Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date Announced

As of now, there have not been any announcements about the second season. the directors or the makers have not yet spoken about the upcoming season yet. But there have been ones who have asked us to guess what will happen beyond the horizon and if there will be a second part.

We also have SIU on Crunchyroll saying that he might see us again in the second season of Tower Of god. The series has had just one season which has already adapted many chapters of the manhwa. The series has taken up to 8- chapters. But since there are over 500 chapters in the original manhwa, there will not be any kind of shortage with the source.

So with all this said, we will still have to wait for an announcement of its arrival. We are sure that we will hear the news sometime soon. So, if things go as expected we can expect at the end of 2023 or early 2024.

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Tower Of God Season 2 Predicted Characters & Story

Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date

The first season showed us how Rachel discovered Bm and brought light into his life. The season one finale showed us that she was never called by the tower. She sees how Bam is passing all the hurdles while it’s not the same for her. She has received a bodyguard and she’s told that she will be allowed to go further with the climb only if she defeats Bam. So, she deceives him and pushes him down the lake. But, he still survives and comes back looking for answers.

So, we can see how the story progresses and how Rachel continues her envy. We can see if Bam will succeed at climbing the tower. The cast will surely remain the same and maybe half a few additions.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tower Of God

1. Who is the lead of the Tower Of God?

Bam is the lead of the series along with Rachel.

2. What genre is Tower Of God?

Tower Of God is a dark adventure series with fantasy.

3. How many series are there in Tower Of God?

There is currently one season in Tower Of God.

4. Who is the writer of Tower Of God?

Tower Of God has been adapted from a manhwa written by SIU.

5. Where can I stream Tower Of God online?

Tower Of God is a Crunchyroll original and can be watched there!

6. Was Tower Of God cancelled?

Tower Of God does not have any announcements currently about its renewal or cancellation, but we think it will come back.

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