Smothered Season 5 Release Date: Will The Mother-Daughter Duos Be Back Again With A Bang?

What happens when real life mixes with television? This is what you get to see in Smothered. Smothered is a reality television series, so the show is not scripted and neither is it fictional. Smothered has been written by Anthony Hudacs and produced by Justin Daniels, Jesse Angelo, Warren Cohen, Dev Thompson, Andrea Van Metter, Josh Ackerman, and Benjamin Nurick among others. 

The main production company is Bodega Pictures and The Learning Channel, popularly known as TLC is the show’s original distributor followed by John and Discovery Plus. Smothered released the first episode of the first season on 9th June 2019 and ended with the eighth episode on 28th July 2019. The second installation was released in 2020, and the third was in 2021. 

The recent season of Smothered was released on 8th August 2022 and concluded with the eleventh episode on 24th October 2022. The show received a rating of 4.3 on IMDb. Many have loved the raw emotions being portrayed on Smothered while others are not looking forward to Smothered season 5.

Smothered Season 5 Release Date

Smothered Season 5 Release Date

Smothered released the fourth season in August 2022, and so far there have been no updates about Smothered Season 5. Even though fans desperately want to know more about what happens to the ladies and their families, the creators of the show have yet to announce whether the show is canceled or will be renewed. There are high chances for a renewal, but as of June 2023, Smothered season 5 is unconfirmed and the release date is unknown. 

Name Of The ShowSmothered
Season NumberSeason 5
IMDB Rating4.3/10
Streaming OnNetflix
Smothered Season 1 Release Date9 June 2019
Smothered Season 5 Release DateNot Announced

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Smothered Season 5 Story

There is no fixed plotline for Smothered. Since this is a reality television series, there is no script, and whatever happens, are real-life incidents being captured on camera. Each season of Smothered follows four mother-daughter duos and their relationship with each other. Secrets get revealed, tensions arise and truth comes forward. 

The episodes start with the loving bond, and how close the child and the parent are. Some are so close they bathe together, others go on dates together. But how close can someone be with their family until they felt smothered?

We see issues like the disagreement between Kathy, Christina’s mother, and Carlo, Christina’s husband over the remodeling of the couple’s home. In another episode, we see Laurie, Sarah’s mother getting fed up with Sarah’s constant hovering because of her declining health. Cher is caught in the crossfire between Jared, her husband, and Dawn, her mother. Jared feels Dawn has no intentions of going back to her home, and wants to stay with her daughter and granddaughter. 

Recently, a lot of controversies have risen claiming the show is scripted. The Twitter threads claim that some of the daughters in Smothered are real-life actors and are playing a role. It can be agreed that some of the situations the duos go through may seem baffling, but it can also be a coincidence. The creators of the show have denied these accusations.

Smothered Season 5 Cast

Since Smothered is a reality TV show, the cast are not actors. They appear as themselves. The various mother-daughter duos are Kathy and Christina, Dawn and Cher, Mary and Brittani, Lauren and Lisa, Angelica and Sunhe, and Laurie and Sarah. Smothered season 4 introduced new duos like Paula and Francia, Ashley and Cathy, and Shay and Angie. 

Smothered Season 5 Release Date

Smothered Season 5 Trailer

Smothered Season 5 has neither been renewed nor canceled. Therefore, there are no available trailers for the same. The trailers of the previous four seasons of Smothered are available on YouTube.

Where Can You Watch Smothered Season 5 Online?

TLC is the official streaming partner of Smothered and all seasons are available there. Additionally, you can also find the episodes on Amazon Prime Video, Discovery Plus, and FuboTV. If Smothered season 5 gets renewed, TLC will release the episodes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Smothered Season 5 been renewed?

Smothered Season 5 has neither been canceled nor renewed.

2. Is Smothered a scripted show?

Even though claims have emerged saying Smothered is scripted, the creators disagree.

3. Is the show worth a watch?

Smothered takes us through the lives of some mother-daughter duos and is fun to watch.

4. How many episodes does Smothered Season 5 have?

Smothered Season 5 is unreleased and has no available episodes.

5. Is Smothered available on Netflix?

Smothered is unavailable on Netflix, but is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Discovery Plus.

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