Lies Become You Chapter 63 Release Date, Spoilers And More!

The story of many mangas are facing up and downs while some are going great right now. the stories of mangas that have been around for a while have picked up a pace and they have their own drama going on. In the one we are discussing now, there have been a lot of changes but the story is now picking up the proper story and fixing stuff.

The manga Lies Become You has completed around 62 chapters and already is looking forward to the release of its 63rd chapter. Storywise, the manga has had a lot of tremendous changes going on while things have been a little different between the leads of the story. These changes only seem to light drama between the leads right now. lacey and her behaviour have been both rewarding and punishing to her. While it did get her a relationship with the king, it also let her too close to him.

With the story going on steadily, we are now looking forward to the release date of chapter 63. This article consists of details about the date, the predicted story along with a recap and much more.

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Lies Become You Chapter 63 Release Date

Lacey has always been a devilish attitude person which has done her not much good. She did land a fake relationship with a king. The twist lies that she conned him when he was a prince and now she has a way to be close with him. She has made her mind up to leave him but does not want a bad name. She has been instead hinting for the king to do and he has just been enjoying it. While he treats it as a piece of delight to his eye, he continues to have flings on the side as well.

Lacey has been working with the slum and trying to better the environment there. However, when she steps out with a slave, she looks around the barrier. While it prevented the mutants from entering, it also tells that they are no more scared of it. The release date of the 63rd chapter is set to be very soon.

The audience has been too excited about this as well. The release date is August 19, 2023. While it releases at different times in different timezones, the basic date will be the same. The manga will release at 8:30 PM in India, 5:00 PM in Britain and on the same date in other places.

It will release at midnight in Korea and Japan on the 20th of August, 2023. The story can be read on Ridi Books online.

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Lies Become You Chapter 63 Predicted Story And Recap

While being in a relationship with the king, she is trying to get out of it but wants the king to finish it. While the mutants have been very brave these days, she has nothing to be afraid of. Since she has holy protection, she is safe. The story will continue with Halid and his doings with the guest.

 It seems to be like there is nothing happening between them or at least Halid is pretending so as well. He does seem to know exactly how to act around Lacey while doing everything behind her back. While the story can be read online on Zin Manga, you would love some other bits as well.

ory has been prolonged a lot, the readers are looking to see what will happen in the next one.

While the plot might have turned out to be a bit of a bore right now, the loyal readers will still continue to read until the end of it since they have now been associated with the story for a long.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lies Become You

1. How many chapters does Lies Become You consist of?

Lies Become You consists of 63 episodes as of now.

2. Who are the leads of Lies Become You?

Lacey and Halid are the leads of Lies Become You

3. Where can we read Lies Become You online?

Lies Become You can be read on Zin Manga.

4. When will chapter 63 of Lies Become You release?

Lies Become You chapter 63 will be aired on August 19th, 2023

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