Hilda Season 4 Release Date: Did The Creators Cancel The Children’s Show For Real?

Hilda is an American animated television show. It focuses on the genres of comedy, adventure, supernatural, fantasy, and drama. Today, we shall discuss the Hilda Season 4 release date. It is an adaptation of a children’s graphic novel by Luke Pearson. The director of Hilda is Andy Coyle, the creator is Luke Pearson, and the developers are Stephanie Simpson and Kurt Mueller. 

The production companies are Silvergate Media, Nobrow Press, Mercury Filmworks, Atomic Cartoons, and Flying Eye Books, and the producers are Chantal Ling, Rachel Simon, Clint Eland, Bryan Korn, and others. They released all 13 episodes of Hilda Season 1 on Friday, 21 September 2018, IST, and thirteen episodes of Season 2 on Monday, 14 December 2020. 

The creator released the third season of Hilda recently on Thursday, 7 December 2023, IST. It has eight episodes, unlike the previous ones. Fans rated it 90% on JustWatch, 8.5 on IMDb, and 86% on Google. Hilda has been nominated for several awards and has won quite a few of them. Let us discuss the Hilda Season 4 release date.

Hilda Season 4 Release Date

Unfortunately, we have disappointing news for the fans of Hilda. Sony Pictures Television Kids, one of the production companies, has confirmed that Hilda will not be returning for its fourth season. The creators have officially canceled Hilda. It came as a massive blow to fans who wanted to see more of this animation. When the first season of Hilda was released, Netflix categorized it as a miniseries. 

We are aware that miniseries do not get a second renewal, except for rare cases. However, in the case of Hilda Season 1, the viewers wanted more of the story and characters. The creators had no option but to renew it for future seasons. Sadly, this animated show has reached its end. As of December 2023, there will be no Hilda Season 4 release date.

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Hilda Season 4 Plot

There is no plot information for Hilda Season 4. The previous seasons of Hilda focus on a young girl Hilda, and her adventures in a fantasy world. She grew up with her mother, Johanna, in a jungle near Trolberg. Soon, the mother and daughter, with their deerfox Twig, move into the walled city to search for better prospects of living. 

As the episodes progress, Hilda makes the acquaintance of Alfur, David, and Frida. Alfur is an elf, and Frida and David are her best friends. Together, they have various adventures in that mythical land. They become friends with the mysterious creatures and spirits that live in and around Trolberg. 

Hilda Season 4 Characters

There is no cast information for Hilda Season 4. In the previous seasons of Hilda, we see Bella Ramsey voicing the character of Hilda, Ameerah Falzon-Ojo voicing the character of Frida, Oliver Nelson voicing the character of David, Daisy Haggard voicing the character of Johanna Mum, and Rasmus Hardiker voicing the character of Alfur Aldric. 

We also see John Hopkins voicing the character of Erik Ahlberg, Lucy Montgomery voicing the character of Gerda Gustav, Kaisa Hammarlund voicing the character of Kaisa, Reece Pockney voicing the character of Trevor, Ako Mitchell voicing the character of Wood Man, Andy Sirkis voicing the character of Kerrasnikir, Annie Lennox voicing the character of Illus, and David A. Stewart voicing the character of Jorgen. 

Hilda Season 4 Trailer

Unfortunately, we will not see an official trailer for Hilda Season 4. The creators have canceled the fourth season of Hilda. If any other company renews Hilda Season 4, we may have hope. Till then, you can always watch the trailers for the previous seasons on IMDb and YouTube.

Where Can You Watch Hilda Season 4 Online?

Netflix is the official streaming platform for all seasons of Hilda. You will not find the show anywhere else. Unfortunately, the showrunners have canceled the fourth season of Hilda. Thus, Hilda Season 4 has zero episodes and is unavailable to watch online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Hilda Season 4 release date?

As of December 2023, there is no Hilda Season 4 release date since the showrunners have officially canceled the show.

2. Is Hilda Season 4 based on a book?

There is no Hilda Season 4. But, the previous seasons are an adaptation of a children’s graphic novel by Luke Pearson. 

3. Is Hilda available to watch on Crunchyroll?

No, Hilda is unavailable to watch on Crunchyroll. Only Netflix has exclusive streaming rights over the episodes.

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