Hidden Assets Season 2 Release Date And Everything We Know So Far

Hidden Assets is a crime drama series directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan. The series revolves around Detective Sergent Emer Berry. Season 1 ended with high ratings, and fans are excitedly waiting for the release of Season 2.

Season 1 ended with six episodes; since then, fans have been waiting for renewal announcements. Fans have watched every episode with so much excitement that fans were left with empty feelings after the last episode. Now the time has finally come to know more about season 2.

Hidden Assets Season 2 Release Date

Hidden Assets Season 1 was released on 7th November 2021 and was written by Peter McKenna and Morna Regan. We can speculate on the renewal of the show because of the high ratings and good reviews, but so far, there is no official announcement about the second season.

There are chances that Hidden Assets season 2 might release in the mid of 2023 or later. The last episode of season 1 ended with great suspense, where we can see detective sergeant Emer Berry running against time to stop the final bombing and find the culprit behind it.

After the thrilling ending, fans are eager to watch Angelina Ball, Simone Kirby, and Wouter Hendrikcx on the screens again. The chemistry of the actors and the storyline was liked a lot by the fans, so we can expect to hear the announcement of renewal soon.

Mostly all the characters will return for season 2. Angelina Ball will be back to play the exciting role of the detective. Wouter Hendrikcx will be back to solve the cases with Angelina. Simone Kirby will continue playing the character of the businessman.

No official announcements are made about the renewal, so obviously, there is no official trailer, but if you are desperate, you can watch the first season on BBC, RTE, and Apple TV. Season 1 has managed to gain 8.2/10 IMDB ratings. Fans were glued to the screen from beginning to end.

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Hidden Assets Season 1 Recap:

The first episode of season 1 begins with the introduction of Detective Sergeant Emer Berry. She leads the team of the Irish Criminal Assets Bureau. In the first episode, she raids a place where she discovered some diamonds which are related to a bombing event that happened in Belgium.

After a lot of investigation, the team understands that the diamonds are a form of payment. This proves that someone is planning more deadly things than just bombing cities. Now the primary aim of the department is to stop the bombings and find the actual culprit.

Detective Berry joins hands with the Belgium cop Christian De Jong to solve the connected cases. Soon they found out that there was a terrorist campaign going on, but it was hard to find the leader. This series shows us the power of wealthy families and their greed to hurt others.

Soon it is revealed that a powerful family is behind all the bombing events. The powerful family of Irish has some ties with Antwerp, making them more powerful. Detective Berry and Christian try to stop all the bombings and cease the terrorists from getting paid. 

You have to watch the show to find out if they managed to stop the bombing or not. If you are a fan of crime drama series, then this show is a must-watch. It has also received good ratings from many critics. Try to binge-watch the show and have fun with some popcorn. 

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Frequently Asked questions

1. Where Can I Watch Hidden Assets Series Season 1?

You can watch Hidden Assets on Direct TV, Acorn TV, Apple TV, Spectrum TV, and Google Play TV.

2. Who is the main cast of Hidden Assets?

The main cast of Hidden Assets is Angelina Ball, Wouter Hendrikcx, Simone Kirby, Peter Coonan, Charlie Carrick, and Cathy Belton.

3. How many episodes are there in Hidden Assets season 1?

There are a total of six episodes of Hidden Assets season 1.

4. What is the genre of the Hidden Assets Series?

Hidden Assets is a must-watch crime drama series with many interesting twists and plots. 

5. What is the Hidden Assets series about?

The hidden assets series revolves around a detective named Emer Berry who finds diamonds during a raid. The diamonds are connected to a Belgium bomb blast, and the diamonds are a form of payment for the attack. Emer Berry and Christian try to find the culprit and stop the bombing. 

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