Good Night World Manga Ending: What Happened To Arima Family?

Good Night World has become one of the top anime series on Netflix. Since the completion of season 1, fans have wondered if the manga series has the same twisting ending or not. Here, we will explain the Good Night World manga ending. 

Good Night World Manga Ending:

Good Night World Manga Ending

The manga series Good Night World has the same ending as the anime series. The fate of the Arima family is still not known. In the finale, there was a twist in the series: The creator of the game Planet was Kojiro Arima. At the start of the game, Ichi befriended another character, Pico. 

After the entrance of the family, they parted ways. Pico becomes a pirate chief and attacks the Akabane family. He wants to recruit Ichi and win all the prize money. According to Kojiro’s rule, everyone must die in the end to defeat the blackbird.

Things start getting weird when Asuma’s character gets hurt in the game, but it also hurts Asuma in real life. The real world and the virtual world start merging into one. Kojiro’s blackbird is more dangerous than it looks. The blackbird has started acting out on its own. 

Soon, everyone realizes that Sasumate is the strongest AI and Kojiro is the mastermind behind everything. After a long struggle, it seems like Kojiro and Blackbird are dead. Ichi meets the real person behind the character Pico. Some years have passed, and we meet grown-up Taichiro and Asuma.

The two brothers discuss the similarities between the actual Japan and the virtual place where they stayed. Taichiro wants to build a house on the mountain as they planned and live with their mother. While discussing, Taichiro sees the same red dragon in the sky, which he fought at the beginning of the game. He is shocked and tries to recheck, but the series ends. 

This means the game Planet, the virtual world, has been destroyed, but the population of the games is still in the actual world. Another theory is that the Arima never managed to escape the virtual world. The prequel of the manga series is in work, and that might answer our questions.  

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Good Night World Manga Storyline:

Good Night World series revolves around a dysfunctional family who struggles with reality and finds warmth in video games. They hate each other, but coincidently, they become a family in the game. The family struggles between reality and the virtual world. 

The dysfunctional family consists of four members. They are Taichiro Arima, his overachieving younger brother Asuma, their disregarded father, Kojiro, and their disorganized mother, Sayaka. The main aim of the game is to socialize with other players, create groups, and complete the mission.

The first one to defeat the Black Bird of Happiness will be the winner. Arima creates a group and adds his family members as his mates without realizing they are his real family. They all get trapped in the virtual game and must find a way back to the real world.  

Good Night World Characters:

Good Night World Manga Ending

Meet the fascinating characters of Good Night World. The Arima family will make you fall in love with their virtual bond. Let’s dig deeper into the characters:

  • Taichiro Arima, A game addict
  • Asuma Arima, the Overachieving younger brother of Taichiro
  • Kojiro Arima, Father of Taichiro and Asuma
  • Miyabi Arima, Mother of Taichiro and Asuma
  • Pico, an AI character

These are some of the fascinating characters in the Good Night World manga series.

Where To Read Good Night World:

Good Night World is available in Shonen Jump, and you can watch season 1 on Netflix. Avoid illegal ways to read Good Night World. Stay updated for more information about manga series. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the ending of the Good Night World Manga series?

The Good Night World manga series, ended with a cliffhanger, just like the anime series.

2. What is the theme of the Good Night World Manga series?

Good Night World is a fantasy anime television series.

3. Where can I read the Good Night World Manga series?

Good Night World is available on Shonen Jump to read.

4. Who is the writer of Good Night World?

Uru Okabe is the writer of Good Night World.

5. What is Good Night World about?

The series revolves around a dysfunctional family who finds comfort and warmth in a video game called Planet.

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