Dopesick Season 2 Release Date Is Still in the Graves

Hulu premiered all 8 episodes of Dopesick on 13th October 2021 in the USA. This is a mini-series that drew its inspiration from Beth Macy’s non-fiction book ‘Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America’. The creation of Dopesick for Hulu goes to Danny Strong. 

The cast and crew received exceptional praise for their work and performance. The series also received a number of prestigious awards and got nominated for a few others. Sites like Rotten Tomatoes gave amazing reviews and people are eagerly waiting for Dopesick Season 2 to drop. 

Dopesick Season 2 Release Date

Dopesick Season 2 Release Date

After its debut in 2021, Dopesick received an overwhelming amount of positive responses. This has made the fans hopeful for the release of the second season. However, the production company has not released any statement regarding Dopesick Season 2 release date till now. 

Dopesick Season 2 release date will be confirmed once the series gets renewed. There are some chances for that to happen, but no one can say for sure. 

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Dopesick Season 2 Story

Dopesick is loosely based on some real events that happened in America. The first season of Dopesick opens with a man named Richard Sackler who invents a drug named Oxycontin. Oxycontin is a powerful narcotic-based painkiller that helps people suffering from opioid addiction, and Sackler has worked on it for a decade. 

When Purdue Pharma starts marketing Oxycontin, a claim emerges saying that the pharmaceutical company is misleading others about the truth behind the medicine. It was believed that the drug had some harmful repercussions and might do more damage than good. At the same time, a rural doctor comes across this medication, and a coal miner wishes to use the medicine in her favor and secure her future. 

Oxycontin stays on the market, but its future is undecided and unstable. Meanwhile, a DEA agent finds these pills on the black market and decides to launch an investigation along with government officials. It is a fight among one of the largest, influential pharmaceutical companies, a group of ambitious doctors, a DEA agent, and the US government. 

The series gets interesting with each episode and the thrill makes you remain on the edge of your seats. It can be said that the first season left lots of loose ends. This makes fans deliberate over the coming of Dopesick Season 2 and see where the story ends up finally. 

Dopesick Season 2 Cast

  • Michael Keaton plays Dr. Samuel Finnix
  • Peter Sarsgaard plays Rick Mountcastle
  • Kaitlyn Dever plays Betsy Mallum
  • John Hoogenakker plays Randy Ramseyer
  • Michael Stuhlbarg plays Richard Sackler
  • Will Poulter plays Billy Cutler
  • Rosario Dawson plays Bridget Meyer
  • Jake McDorman plays John Brownlee
  • Ray McKinnon plays Jerry Mallum
  • Lawrence Arancio plays Raymond Sackler
  • Jaime Ray Newman plays Kathe Sackler
  • Ian Unterman plays Jonathan Sackler
  • Brendan Patrick Connor plays Howard Udell
  • Andrea Frankle plays Beth Sackler
  • Winsome Brown plays Theresa Sackler
  • Alan Campbell plays Dr. Paul Goldenheim
  • Rebecca Wisocky plays Cynthia McCormick
  • Meagen Fay plays Sister Beth Davies
  • Trevor Long plays Rudy Giuliani

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Dopesick Season 2 Trailer

Hulu has not issued any statement that might suggest Dopesick Season 2 might be on its way. Production has not started and everyone is just left guessing. It remains to be seen whether the second season gets renewed. 

And without any news of a renewal, Dopesick Season 2 trailer still has a long way to come. Dopesick Season 1 gained lots of followers and received positive feedback. Youtube has the trailer for its first season.

Dopesick Opiod Scene

Where Can You Watch Dopesick Online?

You can always binge-watch Dopesick on its original network, Hulu with a subscription. Additionally, all the episodes are also available on Disney+ in some regions. There are other options, like downloading all 8 episodes from a verified site. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the story of Dopesick Season 1?

Dopesick tackles the opioid issue in America from a multitude of angles, including that of the drug’s addicts, the doctor who prescribed it, a low-level salesperson selling OxyContin, and Purdue Pharma officials who mislabeled the highly addictive substances for their own gain.

2. Is Dopesick based on a real event?

Dopesick is a book written by Beth Macy and is not fictional. This is the same book that was adapted into the Hulu series, Dopesick.

3. Has Dopesick wrapped up?

The series concluded in 2021, but certain cliffhangers could be turned into a second installment.

4. Is the series Dopesick famous?

Dopesick season one came with a bang and left everyone speechless. The series and its cast got nominated for a number of well-known awards and even won a few of them. Fans shower them with love till now.

5. Is Dopesick season 2 finally coming?

It can be safe to say that Hulu is not looking for the release of another season. But, nothing is permanent, and Dopesick season 2 might surprise us with its arrival.

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