Cigarette Girl Season 2 Release Date: Is Netflix Returning With The Historical Romantic Drama?

The husband and wife duo of Indonesia, the filmmakers Kamila Andini and Ifa Isfansyah, teamed up to create the five-part series Cigarette Girl Called Gadis Kretek in Indo streams this Thursday (November 2) on Netflix, making it their debut on the popular streaming platform. Since the announcement of season 1, fans have been waiting for Cigarette Girl Season 2 Release date. We will get into the topic soon.

Isfansyah claims that he was fascinated with Kumala’s novel when he read it several years ago and wanted to make it into a film but finds the story too complex for him to adapt. Finally, Isfansyah and Kamila decided to create a web series on the novel. Let’s see when season 2 is coming out.

Cigarette Girl Season 2 Release Date:

Cigarette Girl Season 2 Release Date:

Unfortunately, Netflix has neither canceled nor renewed the show, as it is still ongoing. Cigarette Girl season 1 came out on November 2, 2023, with five episodes. Season 1 gained immense popularity with its fascinating plot. Fans are eager for season 2, but there is no news about its renewal.

As we all know, Netflix considers many factors before renewing a show. Season 1 was a highly anticipated show, and fans waited for its release. The period drama has a huge fandom. Considering the fan following, Netflix will renew the show. The creators will take some time before announcing a second season.

We must wait for the official announcement for further details. If there is a second season, it will air sometime in 2025. If we are lucky enough, Netflix might release a new season before the end of 2024.  

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Cigarette Girl Season 2 Plot:

There is no official announcement about Cigarette Girl season 2. We must wait for the creators to announce the plot details of Cigarette Girl season 2. Season 2 will continue the storyline of the Cigarette Girl season 1. The series will continue the beautiful love story of Soeraja and Jeng Yah.

Cigarette Girl Season 1 Recap:

As mentioned, season 1 is still ongoing, and we don’t know how the series will end. Season 1 begins with the introduction of Soeraja, the owner of the struggling Djagad Raya Clove Cigarette Factory. He has only one goal: To reunite with a woman named Jeng Yah.

The problem is that Soeraja is married, and soon, this desire becomes his last wish. Soeraja has three children who embark on a journey to fulfill their father’s last wish. While they are looking for Jeng Yah, they encounter a Storyteller.

The Storyteller unravels the history of Djagad Raya Clove Cigarette Factory. She explains to them how it became Indonesia’s Top Kretek Cigarette. The storyteller also unveils the touching love story between Soeraja and Jeng Yah. 

Cigarette Girl Cast And Characters:

Cigarette Girl has an excellent cast. The incredible cast and characters of the series are as follows:

  • Dian Sastrowardoyo as Dasiyah
  • Ario Bayu as Soeraja
  • Arya Saloka as Lebas
  • Putri Marino as Arum
  • Ibnu Jamil as Seno
  • Sheila Dara Aisha as Purwanti
  • Tissa Biani Azzahra as Rukayah
  • Sha Ine Febriyanti as Roemaisa
  • Rukman Rosadi as Idroes Moeria
  • Winky Wiryawan as Tegar
  • Dimas Aditya as Karim
  • Verdi Solaiman as Soedjagad
  • Pritt Timothy as Soeraja
  • Tutie Kirana as Purwanti
  • Nungki Kusumastuti as Rukayah

If there is a second season of Cigarette Girl, all the cast will return with their characters to entertain us. 

Cigarette Girl Storyline:

Cigarette Girl Season 2 Release Date:

Based on the novel of the same name by Ratih Kumala, the story revolves around two time periods – the 1960s heiress of a family business producing world-famous cigarettes struggling to make her mark in the Patriarchal cigarette industry, and in another timeline, a young man prods for a mystery woman to fulfill his dying father’s last wish set in the early 2000s.

Where To Watch Cigarette Girl:

You can watch Cigarette Girl on Netflix with a subscription. If there is a season 2 of Cigarette Girl, it will air on the same platform. Avoid illegal ways to stream the Netflix series. Stay updated for more news about your favorite movies, anime, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there a season 2 of Cigarette Girl?

Unfortunately, Netflix has neither canceled nor renewed the show, as it is still ongoing. 

2. Where can I watch Cigarette Girl?

You can watch Cigarette Girl on Netflix with a subscription.

3. What is Cigarette Girl about?

The series revolves around Soeraja and Jeng Yah’s love story. 

4. Who is the director of Cigarette Girl?

Kamila Andini and Ifa Isfansyah are the creators of the series.

5. What is the theme of Cigarette Girl?

Cigarette Girl is a historical romantic drama. 

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