Best Government Jobs For Female In India: Category Wise List!

The majority of people, including women looking for employment, find that government jobs are the most attractive. The private sector is in a state of chaos as the world economy prepares to enter a period of recession. The large MNCs around the world have laid off a lot of employees. Consequently, finding employment opportunities has recently climbed the list of concerns. It is therefore understandable why women in the nation are looking for employment chances with the government in order to have greater future growth prospects.

However, it’s important to remember that no career is intended exclusively for one gender over another. We live in a world where men and women compete for jobs, and where women work side by side with men in practically every industry. However, some women do like specific careers over others due to a variety of factors, such as comfort or pay scale. We are going to look into those positions in the government that are open to women. Let’s first examine why women favor public employment over the private sector.

Why Do Women Favor Government Employment?

The reasons given below convincingly show why women favor public sector employment over private employment.

  • Job Security: Everyone wants a secure career, and women are no exception. It’s true that government employment provide greater job security than those in the private sector. It is free of the uncertainty that workers in the private sector experience during economic downturns or layoffs. Women who work for longer periods of time can advance professionally.
  • Work-Life Balance: The majority of government employment attract many people because of their scheduled work hours. Everyone needs to have a better work-life balance since it ensures greater mental wellness. Additionally, obtaining leave is considerably simpler in government positions, which is helpful when dealing with life’s uncertainties.
  • Better Payment: The pay scale in the public sector is significantly higher in comparison to the pay scale in the private sector for the same kind of employment. Additionally, promotions are issued without regard to gender according to seniority. This aids women in their professional development.
  • Women Empowerment: The government’s initiatives have actively promoted the hiring of women in the public sector. Women are given preferential consideration in a number of State PSCs, and some exams are eligible for cost waivers. Women candidates are urged to apply, as noted on every page of the UPSC announcement, indicating that the government is anxious to hire more women in the public sector. The government hopes to establish a workforce that reflects gender balance. Therefore, working for the government is preferable over private industry work for women.
  • Banks along with other public sector companies that provide maternity leave: Most government organizations provide at least six months of paid maternity leave to women. Railways would even grant maternity leave in addition to leave that can run up to two years if a female asks it. While employers in the private sector may only provide three months of paid leave, which may be less reliant on the newborn’s health. Adoptive mothers are entitled to 180 days of maternity leave under the central government.
  • A Decent Salary and the same potential for growth: Women employed in the public sector also benefit from competitive compensation and fair professional growth opportunities in addition to the aforementioned benefits. In contrast to the private sector, promotions in the public sector are based on long-term advantages. As a result, depending on their performance, women have an equal chance as men to develop and advance in their careers.

What is the best government role for women then? Let’s look at the best government jobs in India for women after studying the reasons why people want to work for the government jobs.

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Best Government Jobs For Female In India.

Bank PO and Clerk Jobs For Women

Bank PO and Clerk jobs are highly sought after by women due to the numerous advantages they offer. These jobs provide a decent salary, paid leave, fixed working hours, and a good reputation in society. Additionally, the recent transfer policies implemented by the government have made it easier for women to relocate closer to their families whenever required. A bank job also provides a sense of stability and security that is unmatched by any other job. With the government opening up more all-women branches in public sector banks, the scope for employment and growth in this field is also increasing, making it an ideal career choice for women.

Railway Jobs For Women

Railway jobs in India present a great opportunity for women seeking employment. The Indian Railways, which is under the management of the central government, offers a plethora of opportunities for women in various fields. Apart from a good salary, the job comes with amazing perks like residence, travel pass, economical healthcare access, and retirement benefits.

Additionally, transfer facilities are available for women in railways, making it easier for them to relocate closer to their families when necessary. Moreover, the Indian Railways also grants up to 2 years of leave in continuation with maternity leave if applied for, thus ensuring that women can take care of their family responsibilities without having to worry about their job. The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) offers various positions in the railways, making it a perfect fit for women who are looking for employment opportunities in this field.

SSC Jobs For Female Aspirants

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is a popular government organization that conducts various recruitment exams for aspirants seeking employment opportunities under the central government. The Combined Graduate Level (CGL) exam conducted by the SSC is a highly sought-after exam, as it offers candidates a chance to work in various departments such as Income Tax, CBI, Custom, Excise, and more. One of the biggest advantages of securing a job through SSC is the stability it offers. Government jobs are known for their stability and job security, and SSC jobs are no exception. Women who are looking for long-term employment opportunities can find these jobs to be a perfect fit for them.

One of the most popular exams conducted by SSC for women aspirants is the SSC CHSL exam. This exam is considered to be the best job for women who have completed their 10+2 qualifications. The CHSL exam offers employment opportunities for various positions such as Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Data Entry Operator (DEO), Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant, and Court Clerk. These jobs offer a good salary, decent perks, and stability, making it an ideal career choice for women who are looking for government jobs.

The SSC also offers various benefits to women aspirants. They have reserved seats for women candidates in all their exams, making it easier for them to secure a job. Additionally, they offer maternity leave, child care leave, and other benefits that make it easier for women to balance their family responsibilities with their job. The SSC also provides transfer facilities for women employees, ensuring that they can relocate closer to their families if required.
With various exams such as CGL and CHSL, women aspirants can choose a career path that suits their qualifications and interests. The government has also taken several steps to ensure that women have equal opportunities in securing a job and enjoy various benefits that make it easier for them to balance their personal and professional lives.


The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) offers various employment opportunities for women who are looking for a career in the government sector. Along with a good salary, UPSC jobs come with several other benefits that make them an attractive career choice for women. UPSC conducts exams for various positions such as IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IFS (Indian Forest Service), IPS (Indian Police Service), and other civil services jobs. These jobs are not just highly sought-after, but they are also the most well-paid and reputed ones in the country.

One of the biggest advantages of securing a job through UPSC is the stability and job security it provides. Government jobs are known for their stability and long-term employment opportunities, and UPSC jobs are no exception. Women who are looking for a career path that offers them stability and job security can find UPSC jobs to be an ideal choice. Moreover, UPSC jobs come with various other benefits such as paid leave, health benefits, and retirement benefits.

Women employees are also entitled to maternity leave, which allows them to take care of their family responsibilities without worrying about their job. The UPSC also offers transfer facilities, which means that women employees can relocate closer to their families when required. The civil services jobs under UPSC such as IAS, IFS, and IPS are not just highly respected, but they are also some of the most well-paid jobs in the country. These jobs offer women a chance to make a significant impact on society and contribute to the development of the nation.

TET Jobs

TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) jobs are an excellent career option for women who have a passion for teaching. Every year, the central government holds the TET exam in order to assess applicants and hire them into government high schools and institutions. State-level exams are also held for the same in many states. TET positions have a number of advantages that appeal to women as a career choice.

One of the major benefits of a teaching job is the vacation time it provides. Teachers are entitled to several weeks of vacation time every year, which allows them to spend quality time with their families. This is particularly beneficial for mothers who can use this time to take care of their children and spend time with them.

TET jobs are also known for their job security and stability. Government teaching jobs offer long-term employment opportunities, and once a person secures a job, they can be assured of job security and stability. This is particularly beneficial for women who are looking for a career path that offers them stability and long-term employment opportunities.

Teaching jobs also offer several other benefits such as health benefits, paid leave, and retirement benefits. Women who are employed as teachers are entitled to maternity leave, which allows them to take care of their family responsibilities without worrying about their job.

Moreover, teaching is a noble profession that allows women to make a significant impact on the lives of their students. As a teacher, women can help shape the future of the country by imparting knowledge and skills to the younger generation. Teaching jobs also offer a chance for personal growth and development, as teachers are constantly learning and upgrading their skills.

Police Job for Female Aspirants

A career in the police force can be a great option for female aspirants who are passionate about serving the nation and maintaining law and order. All job profiles in the Indian Police, both at the national and state levels, are open for female candidates. This means that young girls and women across the country can apply for state-level SI, ASI, and constable jobs.

Although women make up only 7.28 percent of India’s police force, this number is bound to increase in the near future. With the government’s focus on gender equality and women’s empowerment, more and more women are being encouraged to join the police force. In fact, the government has introduced several measures to increase the representation of women in the police force.

One of the most significant advantages of a career in the police force is the job security it provides. A job in the police force is a highly respected and well-paying job that offers stability and security to women. Moreover, the police force offers several other benefits such as health benefits, paid leave, and retirement benefits.

Police jobs also offer an opportunity for personal growth and development. As a police officer, women can develop various skills, including leadership skills, decision-making skills, and critical thinking skills. They can also take on different roles in the police force, such as investigation, intelligence gathering, or even community policing.

Furthermore, police job notifications often exempt women from paying any application fees. This is a significant advantage for women who may not have the financial resources to pay for application fees. It also demonstrates the government’s commitment to encouraging more women to join the police force.

Defence Sector

The Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam and Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) exam are two popular exams for recruitment of Class-I officers in the Indian Defense Forces. Though there are no reservations for women candidates in these exams, they are still a popular choice for women aspirants who want to join the defense services in India. These exams offer a great opportunity for women to be a part of the Indian Armed Forces and serve the nation.

These jobs are 100% government jobs and are permanent in nature, however, the tenure of these jobs is for a period of 15 years only. The Indian Defense Forces offer a challenging and adventurous career, with opportunities for growth and development. The job profile includes a wide range of roles like combat, logistics, and administration.

Women candidates are eligible for all the job profiles, and they can serve in any wing of the Indian Defense Forces like the Army, Navy, and Air Force. These jobs come with a good salary, allowances, and various other benefits. Women officers are provided with equal opportunities to grow and excel in their careers, and the Indian Defense Forces have been making efforts to create a more inclusive and diverse work environment.

Medical Sector

The medical field is a highly respected profession in India and offers a wide range of job opportunities for women. From being a staff nurse to a medical officer, the options are endless. The government provides reservations for female candidates in this field, which is an added advantage for them. The Indian Health Mission has been recruiting medical professionals to fill various positions across the country.

This is a great opportunity for female candidates with a medical background to apply for a government job with excellent job quality. The competition is relatively low as only those who have a medical degree or diploma are eligible to apply. This means that there is a higher chance of getting selected. The medical field is also known for providing job security and stability, making it an ideal career option for women.

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