Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story And Spoilers!

Series these are very interesting. They are just not for entertainment. They are a source of learning, understanding and also sometimes, enlightening. Series have gone from just being watched for passing time to becoming a serious part of our lives. We all love binge-watching. Finding a new comfort series feels like bliss to us. There’s always a show that we go back to when we feel low. For some, it is a sitcom or a rom-com. But for some, it is watching a thriller again to relive the moment of truth.

Watching the series again helps us pick up details that we missed on in the first run. Watching a thriller makes us feel more smart and we try to figure out the plot. There are always a few guesses that we take ourselves and try to find the culprit. Now, what if I said all of this comes in a single show? Surprising right?

Yes, I’m talking about an Indian series that has both a rom-com and a thriller in it. Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein is a Hindi crime series that has become quite a sensation these days. The show is a romantic thriller which a lot of twists and turns in it. The first season was loved so much that the audience has been anticipating another season for a while now. The question always is, when will there be another season of Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein? We, we have revealed the details.

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Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein Season 2 Release Date

Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein Season 2 Release Date

Yeh Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein is a crime thriller that can be watched on Netflix. The first season of the show made quite a statement. Being a new one, the show bagged many awards including the best villain award too! This makes it worthy of a watch for sure.

Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein feels like a cute love story at one point. But later, it unravels mysteries that are so unexpected which makes it way more interesting.

The first season came out on Netflix in 2022. The show was quite entertaining with its characters. The show was so thrilling, that it got very good responses from the audience. Netflix renewed the show as soon as the first one premiered. This eight-episode romantic thriller has got many wondering about the arrival of its season 2.

The show ended on a cliffhanger. This means that the audience has to wait until the release of season two to understand how the first one ended. With that, the makers were always confident of coming back with another season.

The makers and the actors have told that the shooting will begin in 2023. Well, they haven’t told when but it will happen this year. So, we can expect another season of this show in 2024.

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Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein Season 1 Recap

Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein has a very unique story. When we say the words romantic thriller, we can imagine the existence of a love triangle. When things go south, one of them is responsible. In the same way, this show has a very dark triangle. Vikranth Singh is a basic decent guy. He’s had his eye on Shikha for a while now. He’s in love with her.

The story takes a turn when Purva lays her eyes on Vikranth. Purva is a local politician’s daughter who has liked Vikrant for years. She recalls being attracted to him from her childhood days too. Purva takes tremendous steps to gain his love.

She starts hurting and troubling the ones who are closer to Vikranth. Noticing this, he marries her without  having another option. even though his heart still belongs to Shikha, he marries Purva.

Vikranth takes the decision of hiring a killer to get Purva out of the picture. But, will this be the end of Purva? Will Vikranth get into more trouble?

Watch the show to know further!

We will let you know as soon as we are sure about a release date or the date a trailer comes out!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein Season 2

1. What genre is Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein?

Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein is a romantic thriller.

2. Who is Vikranth Singh on Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein?

Tahir Raj Bhasin plays the role of Vikranth Singh.

3. Where can we stream Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein?

Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein can be streamed on Netflix.

4. Who is in the love triangle?

The triangle is between Vikranth, Shikha and Purva.

5. When did season 1 of Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein release?

The first season released in 2020.

6. When will there be a second season of Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein?

The shooting of Yeh Khaali Khaali Aankhein will commence in 2023.

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