Where Is Vicki Webb Now? Know The Unheard And Exclusive Details About The Infamous I-70 Shooting Here!

When it comes to solving crimes, countries like the United States of America always come to the forefront. But one case that still baffles American authorities is the case of the infamous I-70 killer which has remained unsolved for more than thirty years. 

The lone survivor of these attacks is a woman named Vicki Webb who was in her 30s at the time. The case of this killer remains unsolved to this day and people wonder where is Vicki Webb now.

Where Is Vicki Webb Now?

After the attack on her by the I-70 killer, Vicki Webb went through a horrible process of recovery. She was bedridden for months and had to learn simple tasks like walking all over again. She lived in fear for a long while since the police informed her she might be on the killer’s list because of her surviving the murder attempt. 

After her rehabilitation ended, Vicki Webb laid low. She moved away from her hometown after remarriage and changed her name. For security purposes, her location and current identity are under wraps. It took a long time for her to come out of what happened, but with enough courage, she walked forward and did not turn back. 

Vicki Webb traveled to a lot of places and slowly regained her confidence. She has told gossip tabloids of her wish to confront her assailant in court and bring justice for herself and all other parties aggrieved because of him. The only thing remaining of the crime is the slug which is stuck in her neck. It gives her an uncomfortable sensation to this day, but also reminds her of her brave journey.

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What Is The Real Story Of Vicki Webb?

On the morning of 15th January 1994, a man walked into the Alternatives Gift Shop by Vicki Webb in Houston, Texas. She described him as a short and skinny individual with a tanned look. He had long blonde hair and was tired. The man was the first customer of the day and they started chatting about various subjects. 

He wanted to know about the traffic and how excited his niece would be to visit the lovely shop. Vicki felt this was a harmless conversation and joined in. The man then wanted to buy a copper picture frame, and when Vicki went to the billing counter, she heard a gunshot. Her body immediately collapsed with the realization that it was her who had been shot. 

She kept praying to God to survive for the sake of her 13-year-old daughter. The man stepped over her before tampering with the cash register. He even left the store for some time but came back for Vicki. He dragged her behind the cash counter and took off her pants. Vicki says she was not raped, but the man pointed the gun at her head, but it did not fire any bullets. 

All the while, she tried keeping still and acted dead. The assailant left after letting out a maniacal laugh and maybe because there were noises from outside her shop. A young couple who went inside her store found her lying there. At the hospital, the doctors found the bullet stuck between her second and third vertebrae leaving her temporarily paralyzed. However, they could not remove this bullet.

Who Is The I-70 Killer?

It has been three decades and yet the American authorities still have no idea about the identification of the mysterious I-70 killer. It is said that he murdered six shop clerks in 1992 in the Midwest. He is also linked to several unidentified murders. The I-70 killer used to target beautiful women with dark brown hair. 

He was given this name because of the location of the murders taking place off of Interstate 70. The last confirmed murder by this man was on 7th May 1994 in Missouri. The three states of Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas joined forces in November 2021 to re-examine all case details and evidence. However, their search is still ongoing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Vicki Webb now?

Vicki Webb changed her name and moved to another place, but her identity and location are being kept hidden for security.

2. What is the story of the I-70 killer?

The I-70 killer is linked to several murders of pretty brunette women.

3. How did Vicki Webb survive?

Vicki Webb acted dead after he shot her, and the killer left presuming her to be dead.

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