Where Is Michael Lawson Now? Revisiting The Tragic Case Of Bethany Correira

In most murders, the victim is familiar with the killer. There are sporadic cases where an unknown person kills a stranger. In today’s case, we will dig into a murder where the victim was familiar with the perpetrator. It took one year for police to solve the mystery of 21-year-old Bethany Correira’s missing. Let’s dive deeper into the case.  

Where Is Michael Lawson Now?

Police worked hard to solve the mystery of Bethany Correira. According to the reports, she vanished in thin air, leaving nothing behind. After a year, the police found the skeletal remains of Bethany Correira. Digging deeper into the case, the officers finally caught the perpetrator, Michael Lawson.

The prosecutors charged Michael Lawson with Bethany Correira’s murder and six other counts. The prosecutors lost hope when Bob Lawson killed himself. They cannot submit his confession video because he was not present. Luckily, the call recording with Michael Lawson was admissible in court.

After a long struggle, Michael Lawson was convicted of second-degree Felony murder. Michael was charged with tampering with the evidence and using weapons. In 2008, The court sentenced him to 99 years. Mike Lawson is still serving his time in Spring Creek Correctional Center in Alaska. You can watch the murder trial on Youtube.  

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Who Is Bethany Correira?

Bethany Correira was born to Linda and Billy Correira on August 29, 1981. Bethany grew up in a log cabin near a pond in Talkeetina. She grew up as a strong, confident woman. She visited Nepal as a Christian Missionary and worked in the base camps.

In 2003, Bethany decided to start college and continue her passion for medicine. In April 2003, Bethany rented an apartment in Anchorage Bootlegger’s Cove. The apartment manager offered her a part-time job to clean the empty plots in the building. After four days of moving in, she disappeared in thin air.   

How Did Bethany Correira Died?

Where Is Michael Lawson Now?

The odd things started to happen when Bethany Correira missed picking up her brother from the airport. Her brother felt weird because she was not someone who missed picking up. His mother consoled him by saying she must be busy.

On May 3, Linda went to their daughter’s house. She saw the door was open. Bethany’s bike was still in the room. So, Linda thought she might have gone for jogging. She waited for a while and left for the garage sale alone, but she felt uncomfortable and convinced the officer that her daughter was missing.

The authorities searched for Bethany for a year, and in May 2004, her skeletal remains were found. The police were unable to find the cause, but later, they found gun wounds.  

Why Did Michael Lawson Murdered Bethany Correira?

When Linda called the authorities, they found Bethany’s purse still in her room and her phone in the kitchen. What raised questions was on the day she missed a neighboring building in the same complex. Officers have some suspicions about destroying evidence by putting it on fire.

And just like in any case, the first suspect was Bethany’s boyfriend. While interrogating, her boyfriend revealed that he called her on the day of her missing, where she mentioned that she had an appointment with the apartment manager. 

Officers interrogated Mike Lawson and accepted meeting Bethany around 8 AM on May 3. Later, he changed his alibi and said he never met her, but she called him because Bethany lost her keys. Bob Lawson proved his brother’s alibi by stating they watched NASCAR.    

Franko Besinaiz, a coworker of Michael, informed the officers that he might have hurt Bethany because of his hatred toward women. The police looked for phone records, and the location was near Bethany’s apartment. Michael has cleaned all the evidence and stopped cooperating with the authorities.

The authorities found many other crimes and asked the FBI to file a report. When Bob realized he was about to serve prison, he told the authorities about assisting Michael in hiding Bethany’s body. Michael was on cocaine and shot her by accident. 

After disposing of the body, they returned home and burned the building to destroy all the evidence. The officers convinced Bob to make his brother confess the crime, and finally, the authorities arrested Michael for his deeds. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who killed Bethany Correira?

Michael Lawson killed Bethany Correira.

2. Where is Michael Lawson now?

He is serving his time in jail.

3. Who is Bethany Correira?

A strong, independent woman from Alaska. 

4. What happened to Bethany Correira?

Michael Lawson stated he accidentally shot Bethany Correira under the influence of cocaine. 

5. How many years was Michael Lawson sentenced to?

The court sentenced him to 99 years.

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