Where Are The Alone Season 6 Participants Now?

Alone is an American survival show that premiered on the History Channel. It is a competition between ten individuals who have to survive alone in the wilderness except for the medical check-ups they don’t have anything with them.

They are separated from each other and the person who remains longer than the others and was able to survive in the wilderness will receive one million. The participants can tap out anytime or can be removed from the competition if they have any health problems.

The seasons of Alone were filmed in parts of northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Nahuel Huapi National Park in Argentina, Patagonia, Northern Mongolia, etc.

The series, Alone was released on 18 June 2015 and it has ten seasons to its name and spin-offs. In this article, we will know where are the alone season 6 participants now.

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Where Are The Alone Season 6 Participants Now?

The Alone Season 6 had ten participants – Tim Backus, Nathan Donnelly, Donny Dust, Jordan Jonas, Barry Karcher, Ray Livingston, Brady Nicholls, Woniya Thibeault, Nikki van Schyndel, and Michelle Wohlberg.

Tim Backus

Tim Backus taps out from the survival show, Alone earlier than expected. He is now sixty years old and still loves hunting and camping. He is seen exploring West Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Virginia.

He has two children and grandchildren, from his Instagram posts it looks like he is enjoying his time with his family. He also has recently a knee surgery but no one can stop him as he is recently explored the South Pole as well as working on his book.

Tim Backus’s book will contain the experiences he gained during camping and hunting. So it looks like Tim is enjoying his time despite the lemons which are thrown toward him by life.

Nathan Donnelly

Nathan Donnelly who is now in his 40s lives with his girlfriend and family on the coast of Washington. He has made his career outside the show which is not surprising as he is a man with many talents.

Nathan is a carpenter, biologist as well as a homesteader. He works with nature and is a part of the crew who works on outdoor survival or disaster preparation alongside he also built his own house.

Donny Dust

Donny Dust has many experiences, he not only served in the military but also ran a school where they taught you how to survive in the wilderness. He also had a book ‘Scavenger’.

He now works in the entertainment industry, Donny is a movie consultant, public speaker, and a motivator of self-reliance. He is in his 40s and has suffered from a heart attack but despite his health, he continues to thrive.

He lives with his wife and has two sons.

Jordan Jonas

Jordan Jonas is the winner of the survival show, Alone and has gone through many difficult courses. He lives with his wife and three children in Virginia.

He has a Youtube Channel where he posts things about hunting, camping, building, and many other videos based on survival in the wilderness. He is also a public speaker and also gave many lessons on how to survive in the wilderness.

Barry Karcher

Barry Karcher is in his 40s and lives with his wife and four children. He was one of the forerunners in the show, Alone.

He is working as a self-defense instructor and also a woodsman. He is also a public speaker, an actor, and a mentor.

Ray Livingston

Ray Livingston is in his 40s, he lives with his wife and two sons. He has now become a social media figure posting regularly on Youtube and Instagram about modern tools and survival lessons.

He recently participated in Mountain Men Season 12.

 Brady Nicholls

Brady Nicholls is an active duty SERE Specialist in U.S. Air Force. He is in his 40s and lives with his wife and four children in San Antonio.

He is currently completing his degree to work as a clinical social worker.

Woniya Thibeault

Woniya Thibeault is 48 years old and lives with his boyfriend. She is an activist and made many donations against racism.

She is also a Youtuber and a cameo creator. She also offers many online courses. After Jordan Woniya was the one who could have won the survival show, Alone. She returns for Alone Season 11 and became the first woman to win the highest prize.

Nikki Van Schyndel

Nikki van Schyndel is in her 50s and lives in Echo Bay, British Columbia. She has her book ‘Becoming Wild’ published too.

She embarks on many adventures and creates new experiences, she all about her these on her social media or her blog ‘The Chronicles of Daisy Crocket’.

Michelle Wohlberg

Michelle Wohlberg is in her 30s and lives with her husband and son. She is a tourist guide and also has a Legacy Survival Training business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the rating of Alone?

8.4/10 on IMDb and 93% on rotten tomatoes.

2. Where can you watch Alone?

3. Who is the winner of Alone Season 6?

Jordan Jonas

4. What is the prize money for winning Alone?

1 million

5. How many participants were in Alone Season 6?


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