Where Are The Alone Season 5 Participants Now?

Alone is a reality survival show aired on History. It is a very famous survival document series. The unique concept of the series attracted a lot of audiences and became one of the best survival reality shows. Fans are wondering about the whereabouts of the Alone season 5 participants.

For those who don’t know about the series, it follows the daily battle of people as they try to survive alone in the wilderness. They only have a few limited survival equipment. The rules of the series were very evident. Individuals are isolated from each other and the outside world. The one who survives for the longest wins the grand prize.

The participants and the audience connected an incredible bond. Even after the completion of the series, fans still miss the participants. So, Where are the Alone Season 5 participants now? Here is everything that we know about the participants.

Where Are The Alone Season 5 Participants Now? 

Among all the seasons, the fifth season attracted more audience as all the participants were non-winning contestants from the previous seasons. Season 5 aired in 2018, but the season lives rent-free in the heart of the audiences. Let us take a look at the whereabouts of Alone season 5 participants.

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Sam Larson:

Sam Larson faced many hardships when he appeared in the television reality show. He overcame all his problems and returned to become the youngest winner. Sam is the creator and tutor of Woodness Wilderness Education, Wilderness Skill courses, and a consulting company. He is a Pastor now.

Larry Roberts:

Larry Roberts first appeared in season 2 of Alone, and he returned in season 5 and made good progress. He is now working as a teacher in a famous school in Minnesota. He has a YouTube channel where he keeps posting about his adventure and is busy teaching camping and online wilderness survival classes.

Randy Champagne:

Randy faced many hardships in the previous season, which led to his withdrawal from the show. To resolve all these problems, he returned in season 5. Randy is currently a survivor expert at Boulder Outdoor Survival School. He lives a happy life with his partner, Callie Blue. Callie and Randy welcomed a baby girl in 2021. 

Carleigh Fairchild:

Carleigh’s Journey has gone through many phases. She first appeared in Season 3 of Alone and again in Season 5. After Carleigh’s elimination from the show, she became a NIASZHIIH healing practitioner. She has immense knowledge of the land. So, she teaches her land skills. She is working as a nanny and enjoying her life.

Britt Ahart:

Britt always had an interest in the wilderness since he moved to Ohio. In Season 3, he took all the necessary precautions, but he didn’t manage to win the game. In season 5, his hardships continued, but there was progress.   

He is living a fascinating life with his wife, Lauren Heart, and his son, Campbell. He is working as a philanthropist and also appeared in a podcast recently. 

Nicole Apelian:

Nicole Apelian is a field biologist. She has immense knowledge of ethnobotany, herbology, and anthropology. Nicole was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis but continued her work. She appeared in seasons 4 and 5 of Alone. Currently, she is living in Southwest Washington with her sons.  

Dave Neissa:

Dave loved nature since he was a kid and studied a lot about edible plants. Before appearing in season 3, Dave was an instructor at Boulder Outdoor Survival School. After season 3, he quit his job and became a television and fly fishing consultant. Dave is now an educator at Aspiro Adventure Therapy.

Brooke Wille:

Brooke Wille lived in Mongolia and continued her adventure with wilderness. She is an experienced Ski lift Operator, wildland firefighter, and homestead builder. She is now living a happy life with her husband and kids. 

Brooke has a YouTube channel, Girls In The Woods, which is immensely famous among outdoor fans. Brooke represented Alaska in the YouTube Creators economy. 

Jesse Bosdell: 

Jesse Bosdwell Joined season 4 of Alone and reappeared in season 5. He is a good hunter and spent nine years in the military, which increased his survival chances. After quitting season 5, he continued his Biomedical Engineering Degree at the University of Maine.

Brad Richardson:

Brad stayed on the show for a very short period. He is currently living in Churchill and lives a happy life with his family and friends. Brad runs a company, Compass Rose Outpost. He is a blacksmith and teaches his skills to youth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where To Watch Alone Reality Show?

The reality show is available on Prime Video.

2. What Is Alone reality show about?

The series follows the daily battle of people as they try to survive alone in the wilderness.

3. How many seasons are there of Alone?

There are nine seasons of Alone.

4. Who is the winner of season 5 of Alone?

Sam Larson is the winner of season 5.

5. Total episodes of season 5 of Alone?

There are ten episodes of season 5 of Alone.

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