The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained


Mie-san asks her friend Komura to try on her glasses at school, which he hesitates to do at first. While Komura wears Mie-san's glasses, she asks him to take a photo of himself so she can see what he looks like.

Mie-san remembers she has a spare pair of glasses in her bag and finally gets to see Komura's appearance with her own glasses. She is pleasantly surprised by how Komura looks with her glasses.

Komura and Mie-san discuss their upcoming summer break, realizing they may not have as much time to hang out due to academic commitments and family plans.

A mysterious guy approaches Mie-san and claims to be her elementary school classmate, but she can't recognize him without her glasses. This worries Komura.

Komura starts worrying that Mie-san might forget him, as most of their interactions have occurred when she isn't wearing her glasses and can't see him clearly.

Komura and Mie walk home together on the last day of school before summer break, both feeling reserved due to the uncertainty of their future interactions.

It's clear that they are in love, but they choose not to discuss their feelings openly, keeping them bottled up for now.

They part ways, knowing they'll meet again soon. While they're closer than ever, they have yet to confess their true feelings for each other.