Where is Jose Hernandez’s Teacher Miss Young Now

"A Million Miles Away" on Prime Video: This film chronicles the inspiring true story of Jose Hernandez's journey to becoming an astronaut.

A pivotal moment in Jose's journey occurred when a teacher (Miss Young) recognized his talent and helped his parents make a life-changing decision for him.

Miss Young, Jose's teacher, recognized his talent for math and science and understood the educational setback caused by the family's travel pattern.

Jose's family traveled between Mexico and California for work. Miss Young convinced them to settle in Stockton, allowing their children to pursue a good education.

Jose Hernandez remembered Miss Young's advocacy when he prepared to become an astronaut. Jose is surprised by Adela when she finds Ms. Young and brings her to meet Jose, who is set to leave for space in a few days.

Miss Young had retired from teaching by the time Jose Hernandez contacted her. Her later life details are unconfirmed, but her impact on inspiring children to chase their dreams remains significant.

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