What Happened to Lauryn in Top Boy? How Did Lauryn Die in Top Boy?

"Top Boy" is a British television crime drama series set in the fictional Summerhouse estate in Hackney, London.

The show focuses on drug dealing, gang violence, and criminal activities in an urban neighborhood.

The show centers around central characters Dushane and Sully, who aim to rise in the criminal hierarchy.

In season 3 Lauryn's storyline takes a tragic turn as she struggles with the emotional and psychological scars of her past.

She falls asleep in the bathtub, leading to a devastating drowning incident that marks the end of her character arc in "Top Boy."

Lauryn's death profoundly impacts Jaq in "Top Boy" Season 3, leaving her devastated by the loss of her sister.

Jaq, along with her girlfriend Becks, takes on the responsibility of caring for Lauryn's newborn child after the tragedy.

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