6 Times SRK’s ‘Jawan’ Makes Meta References To Real Life

Kaveri Amma from ‘Swades‘ returns in ‘Jawan

"Swades" was an underrated film starring Srk. He plays the role of Mohan. Kaveri Amma, portrayed by Kishori Ballal, acted as a motherly figure to Mohan. In the film "Jawan," actor Ridhi Dogra takes on a role similar to Kaveri Amma in "Swades."

The ‘2017 Gorakhpur Hospital Deaths’ incident

Dr. Eeram’s backstory, played by Sanya Malhotra, seems like a real-life reference to the 2017 Gorakhpur hospital deaths when the Government’s negligence and non-payment of dues, despite alarming reminders resulted in the deaths of 1300+ children.

Not Vijay Sethupathi channelising his inner Keanu Reeves

If you’ve followed Keanu Reeves’ ‘The Matrix‘, you’d know, in the blink of an eye, what Vijay Sethupathi’s red and blue pills refer to.

The case of ‘10,281’ farmer suicides

One significant problem that "Jawan" attempts to bring up several issues like the extremely wealthy capitalists and the agricultural laborers, and how rules are conveniently bent for the former while the latter is brutally bullied. 

The ‘Gas Tragedy’ References

Priyamani's portrayal of Lakshmi's genesis narrative begins with a gas disaster that claimed the lives of her children and landed her in jail. 

SRK as a protective father

The Mufasa-Simba dialogue is symbolic, given the duo had actually translated the Hindi rendition of ‘The Lion King‘ in 2019. Besides, when SRK fiercely voiced the ‘bete ko hath lagane se pehle…’ showed his protective nature towards his son.

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