The Bully In-Charge Chapter 63: Spoilers & Release Date

In Chapter 63 of "The Bully In-Charge," Daewong defeats Hogun, one of the Heavenly Four members.

The battle between them is intense, with moments of suspense.

Daewong maintains control throughout the fight due to his determination and curiosity about Hogun's drug-induced state.

The fight concludes with Hogun's defeat, rendering him unable to continue.

Fans eagerly await the next chapter's release to see where the story goes next.

Chapter 63 will introduce a new member of the Heavenly Dragons named Bae, who is expected to be Daewong's next opponent.

The actual fight with Bae might not happen immediately but will be built up in this chapter.

Another character known as Piggy will handle Hogun and return him to the Heavenly Dragons.

The Bully In Charge Chapter 63 is expected to be released by Wednesday, September 12th, 2023, at KST.

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