Salman Khan’s Towel To Madhuri Dixit’s Lehenga, Here’s How Much Celeb Items Were Auctioned For

Indians' devotedness to Bollywood is inexplicable. Fans will do anything to meet their favourite stars.

Fans adore celebrities so much that they would be pleased to purchase the stuff they use.

This is particularly true when the items, which are of really high quality and the proceeds go to various charities, are auctioned.

Here are a few celebrity-related products that have fetched high prices.


For $1.42 lakh, a towel from Salman Khan's song JEENE KE HAI CHAR DIN was auctioned.


The 1.56 lakh bat that Amir Khan used to play cricket in Lagan was sold.


Madhuri Dixit's famous green lehanga from the film Devdas was auctioned at three crores.


On Oh My God, Akshay Kumar donned a suit.  which sold for 15 lakh rupees at auction.


Lady Gaga's cracked aryclic nail sold at auction for $12,000


Scarlett Johnson's used tissue was auctioned off for $5,000.

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