Love at First Sight Ending: Do Oliver and Hadley End Up Together?

"Love at First Sight" is a Netflix film about two strangers, Hadley and Oliver, whose lives change when they meet at an airport.

The film explores their journey of deciding whether to act on their feelings or let the opportunity for love slip away.

Hadley opens up about her strained relationship with her father, and Oliver offers empathetic advice, creating a deeper connection between them.

They both attend important family events separately, but can't stop thinking about each other.

Hadley hears a story about a woman with cancer whose son flew back from America for a memorial, realizing it's the same story Oliver had shared about his mother.

Hadley decides to visit Oliver in Peckham, only to discover that Oliver's mother is alive and having a "memorial" to hear kind words while she can.

Oliver's family encourages him to pursue Hadley, echoing the advice she gave him about taking chances in life.

Oliver finds an invitation inside a book and decides to go after Hadley. The narrator reveals that they spent their lives together, choosing each other despite their differences and arguments.

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