12 VFX Scenes From ‘Adipurush’ That Are So Bad

June , 2023

While Adipurush boasts an impressive budget and a star-studded cast, the visual effects fail to live up to the expectations


Not many liked how the production had designed Lord Hanuman along with his Dialogs.


The visual effects in Adipurush lack the polish and finesse expected from a high-budget production, diminishing its overall impact.


If you have seen the movie or if you check the trending tweets on Adipurush you know how bad the CGI are in this movie. 


The attention to detail in Adipurush's visual effects falls short, leaving the audience yearning for a more realistic and captivating experience.


Even Lord Rama was left unpolished. And the depiction was no where close to what is there in the books. 


the action scenes in Adipurush, unfortunately, fail to live up to expectations, leaving the audience disappointed. 


Viewers have taken to Twitter to criticize the movie for its graphics heavily. 


Vanar Sena's cartoon kind of elaboration is another work of bad CGI and VFX. 


Ravan for one had become a meme on the internet with people asking what version of Ravan is this? 


Despite being on a budget of 600 Crores. The movie has only gotten 2.7 stars on IMDb and is not doing do well. 



Social media platforms have been flooded with expressions of disappointment as viewers voice their discontent with Adipurush's depiction of Hanuman and Ram