8 Times We Wanted Beer Biceps To Just Put The Mic Down

Beer Biceps, also known as Ranveer Allahbadia, is a well-known podcast and YouTube host .

Everything he shares, says, or supports has an impact since he has a platform with a broad audience.

But too often, he misses out on basic reasoning and even sensibility, 


He asserted that atoms and molecules may soon be produced by computers.


"Hitler was bad, but who isn't?" he remarked.


his self-description as a vibrator. A soul vibrator.


He was totally fixated on aliens.


He recanted a racial remark during his broadcast.


When he tweeted that wearing a long kurti and large earrings makes any girl gorgeous and is a hack to make any guy fall to his knees, he was instructing women on how to dress.


He failed to keep privilege and toxic positivism in check.


He talked about the "impact" of sex on women.where he discussed brahmacharya and how having sex causes him to lose focus during his meditation.

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