WBCHSE Class 12 Commerce Syllabus And Marks Distribution!

We all know about the syllabus that is provided by the CBSE to the students enrolled in the schools registered under the Central Board Of Secondary Education. But apart from this central education board, every state has its own educational board. West Bengal also has its own board that is responsible for the conduction of examination. The ministry of Education in West Bengal ensures a better education quality and enhancing the literacy rate.

WBCHSE is a government authority that supervises the examination and syllabus for the students of class 12th who are enrolled in a government or private school affiliated to this board. Established in 1975, Kolkata is continuing to be its headquarters from the beginning. West Bengal Higher Secondary (Class 12) Examinations are always held by WBCHSE. Almost 8 lakhs of students sit for the class 12th final exams, every year.

Before appearing for the examinations, it is crucial for the students to abide by the syllabus provided on the official site wbchse.nic.in. Students need to study according the syllabus provided. Be it any stream; commerce, arts, or science, WBCHSE has released the syllabus for all the streams. On this website itself, the time table for 2023 exam was also released.

WBCHSE Class 12 Commerce Subjects

The commerce stream for class 12th has few main subjects. Students must study them and can opt for any one subjects from the electives.


In addition to these subjects, one language subject can be opted.

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WBCHSE Class 12 Commerce Unit Marks Distribution

UNIT 1Nature and Significance of Management05
UNIT 2Principles of Managemen05
UNIT 3Business Environment05
UNIT 4Planning06
UNIT 5Organising06
UNIT 6Staffing06
UNIT 7Directing06
UNIT 8Controlling06
UNIT 9Financial Management10
UNIT 10Financial Markets08
UNIT 11Marketing Management12
UNIT 12Consumer Protection05

This subject has been distributed into three parts:

  • GROUP: A (50 Marks)
  • GROUP: B (30 Marks)
  • PROJECT (20 Marks)

This following table consists all the topics of GROUP: A of this subject.

UNIT 1Concepts of Function, Curves, Straight line, Slopes
UNIT 2Demand
UNIT 3Concept of Elasticity
UNIT 4Production Function
UNIT 5Cost of Production
UNIT 6Revenue
UNIT 7Profit Maximization
UNIT 8Supply
UNIT 9Different types of market
UNIT 10Market Equilibrium under Perfect Competition
UNIT 11Equilibrium under Monopoly.
UNIT 12Cost Determined Pricing
UNIT 13Factor Market
UNIT 14National Income and Related Aggregates
UNIT 15Determination of Income and Employment
UNIT 16Money and Banking
UNIT 17Fiscal Policy
UNIT 18International Trade and Balance of Payments

GROUP: B of the subject has two sections respectively.

Section 1Statistical Tools
Section 2Indian economy with special reference to west bengal
UNIT 1Introduction to Partnership10
UNIT 2Reconstruction of Partnership25
UNIT 3Accounting for shares Capital20
UNIT 4Accounting for Debentures05
UNIT 5Analysis of Financial Statements12
UNIT 6Cash Flow Statement08

It is divided into two parts: Langauge and Literature. The former is of 30 Marks and includes textual grammar, substance with critical analysis and ESP. The later one has prose, verse and drama contributing 50 marks. Lastly, the subject has a project work of 20 marks. This table shows the topics covered in the Literature part.

PROSEMichael AngeloGulzar
Debut on StageCharles Chaplin
WarLuigi Pirandello
A ChameleonAnton Chekov
VERSELet me NotWilliam Shakespeare
Song Offerings #63Rabindranath Tagore
Dulce et DecorumWilfred Owen
Tonight I can writePablo Neruda
dRAMACathleen in HoulihanW.B Yeats

Just like English: A, this subject is also categorised into three different parts. The first one is literature that in total has a value of 50 marks and consists prose, verse, and Rapid Reader. The other category is language that has a weightage of 30 marks and covers the areas like: textual grammar, writing, and ESP. The last 20 marks comes from the project assigned.

PROSELeela’s FriendR.K.Narayan
KarmaKhushwant Singh
Alias Jimmy ValentineO Henry
Nobel LectureMother Teresa
Extract from The Place of Art in EducationNanandalal Bose
VERSEUpon the Westminster BridgeWilliam Wordsworth
Meeting at nightRobert Browning
The Sick RoseWillian Blake
BotherhoodOctavio Paz
DaybreakH W Longfellow
RAPID READERTales from Shakespeare Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb (Edited Version)
Following Tales: Macbeth, Othello, The Comedy of Errors, As you like it, Twelfth Night
W.B Yeats

How To Download WBCHSE Class 12 Commerce Syllabus?

  • Visit the official site of WBCHSE.
  • Click on the syllabus tab.
  • Select the stream.
  • Click o the download button.
  • Print out the syllabus for future reference.

You can also download the syllabus from this link.

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