WBBSE Class 8 Geography Syllabus: Exam Pattern And Syllabus Pattern Covered!

The WBBSE Class 8 Geography syllabus is essential to the academic achievement and education of students. The syllabus informs you of everything you will be learning for the WBBSE 8th standard and acts as a model for the curriculum. Clarity and comprehension of the material are improved by understanding the curriculum. Additionally, knowing the curriculum enables students to establish their own obligations and standards.

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education regularly updates and reorganizes the Class 8 Syllabus as necessary (WBBSE). The program underwent its most recent revision and additional courses were added in 1999. These consist of hardware management, computer applications, and information technology.

The article provides detailed information about the WBBSE Class 8 Geography curriculum so that students can prepare the entire syllabus and do well on exam day.

Important Details

Name of the ExamWBBSE Class 8 Geography
Conducted ByWBBSE
Official WebsiteCLICK HERE

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WBBSE Class 8 Geography Syllabus

The syllabus for the WBBSE Class 8 Geography involves a thorough understanding of the chapters provided in the Class 8 textbook. The list of the important chapters and topics which will be questioned in the final exam is provided below.

  1. Resources
  2. Natural Resources
  3. Agriculture
  4. Industries
  5. Human Resources

The Significance Of The Class 8 Geography Syllabus

The full syllabus outlines the general arrangement of the class and covers all of the essential information that is relevant to the specific topic being covered.

  • If the kids study according to the Class 8 curriculum, it will make them feel more secure when it comes time to write the final test.
  • The assignments, projects, and practices that need to be covered for the respective academic year are also provided with information about them in the syllabus.
  • Both the students and the instructors can use it as a reference when completing their assignments.
  • Students will be able to learn more about the topics and sub-topics that will be covered during that academic year by consulting the CBSE Board Class 8 syllabus.

How To Download WBBSE 8th Exam Syllabus 2023?

If the students want to download the Class 8 geography syllabus for the WBBSE board then they must follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to the official website of WBBSE.
  2. Simply select the list provided by WBBSE 8th Blueprint 2023.
  3. After inputting the necessary details, such as the course outline, you can send in your application by clicking the “submit” button.
  4. The WBBSE 8th Syllabus 2023 will start downloading now, and it will appear on the screen shortly.
  5. Make sure to get a hard copy of the WBBSE 8th Syllabus for your own records.

WBBSE Class 8 Geography 2023 Preparation Tips

The students can perform well in the WBBSE Class 8 examination by using various tips and tactics. The study tips listed below can aid students in getting ready for their exams more effectively.

1. Review the Syllabus

Reading and reviewing the syllabus is the first step to getting good grades. This will assist the pupils in identifying their weak regions or time-consuming areas. You get to choose where to start. Start with the challenging subjects and finish them. As a result, the syllabus will be finished on time.

2. Rely on Your Own Study

The most crucial aspect of exam preparation is to rely on your own study. Teachers in schools often hurry through lessons, which prevents students from devoting enough time to the topics or chapters. However, with independent study, students can devote time to challenging or time-consuming subjects. As a result, educate yourself and seek guidance from the instructors if necessary.

3. Take a Break

You cannot study continuously for 4 to 5 hours. Therefore, it is advised to study for two to three hours with brief rests in between. Your focus while studying will improve as a result of these pauses. Your mind will be refreshed by these breaks, allowing you to study for the tests effectively.


Q1. Is Class 8 West Bengal Board Exam held at the board level or at the school level?

The individual schools evaluate each student’s performance on the 8th West Bengal Board Exam at the school level.

Q2. How often are WBBSE for Geography internal exams given in the eighth grade?

For Geography in WBBSE Class 8, internal evaluations take place twice a year.

Q3.What is the geography curriculum for WBBSE Class 8?

The information about the WBBSE Class 8 Geography syllabus is available in the aforementioned article.

Q4. Is geography a required subject in the WBBSE Class 8 curriculum?

Yes, Geography is a required subject for WBBSE Class 8 students.

Q5. Is the eighth grade of WBBSE challenging?

No, Class 8 of WBBSE is not that difficult. To achieve outstanding grades, students are recommended to create a study plan and stick to it.

Q6. How many topics are there in Class 8 WBBSE geography syllabus?

There are broadly five topics that students need to prepare for the Class 8 WBBSE geography exam. The details about the same are provided in the article above.

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