WB Ration Card List 2023: Benefits, District Wise List, Eligibility Criteria

In today’s article, we are going to give you information about how to see the ration card list for West Bengal. The West Bengal Digital Ration Card has been launched by the government for the convenience of the people of West Bengal state. This initiative was taken to make the process of obtaining a ration card much simpler and more efficient for the people of West Bengal.

The West Bengal Digital Ration Card will provide the citizens of the state with access to a list of all registered ration cards as well as information regarding their owners. The West Bengal Digital Ration Card will allow citizens of the state to easily access their ration cards and check whether their ration card is valid or not. Moreover, the West Bengal Digital Ration Card will allow citizens to update their information easily, and it will also reduce the time taken for citizens to obtain their ration cards. 

WB Ration Card List 2023 Benefits 

The West Bengal Digital Ration Card will also help to reduce cases of fraud and corruption in the ration card distribution system, as it will allow the government to monitor and track the ration cards more efficiently. The introduction of the West Bengal Digital Ration Card will be a major step forward in improving the ration card distribution system in West Bengal. Through the digital ration card, people will now be able to access their ration card information from the comfort of their own homes. The ration card of West Bengal has been named Egiye Bangla. 

The Egiye Bangla will help the people of West Bengal gain access to their ration cards without having to wait in long queues, and this will also reduce the time it takes for the process. With the introduction of the Egiye Bangla, people will no longer have to worry about the misplacement or theft of their ration cards, as all their information is stored securely in a digital format.

The Egiye Bangla is a much-needed step in the digital transformation of West Bengal and will make the lives of many easier by providing them with access to their ration card information without having to physically visit offices.  Ami Bengal is the official portal of the West Bengal Ration Card. A ration card is a legal document that is issued to the candidate after the verification of the documents and is proof of the identity and address of the candidate who avails of it. People from lower socioeconomic backgrounds can get it at a lower cost. 

The Egiye Bangla is a great initiative for West Bengal as it provides access to information about the ration cards at no cost, enabling those from lower-income households to receive the same benefits as those from higher-income households. The Egiye Bangla portal also provides information about the various ration shops in the state, allowing users to find out which one is nearest to them. As such, Egiye Bangla is a great way for the government to reduce inequality in West Bengal.

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West Bengal Ration Card 2023 List District wise

District NameRation Cards NFSARation Cards Non-NFSABeneficiariesGeneralBeneficiariesNon-General
Darjeeling 5,70,7703,69,05126,61313,58,680
Uttar Dinajpur21,95,9987,60,25521,51229,99,741
Dakshin Dinajpur11,40,8124,56,70319,76816,21,680
Murshidabad 59,52,53316,83,37124,53478,20,359
Purba Barddhaman31,63,62914,95,34234,09148,19,025
North 24 Parganas51,60,49632,59,7172,18,70585,84,654
South 24 Parganas58,51,45623,56,03052,16983,64,051
Paschim Medinipur28,95,05914,99,71227,22345,97,043
Purba Medinipur36,89,57114,42,5339,89652,17,210
Paschim Bardhaman10,51,14813,21,44174,49424,34,667

West Bengal Ration Cards can be obtained from the Food and Supplies Department of the state. For that, citizens must fulfill all the eligibility conditions before applying. Once the application process is complete, citizens can go to their local ration shop and collect their cards.

Egiye Bangla is an excellent scheme that provides those with a valid ration card access to subsidized food grains. It is important to note that all the documents submitted by applicants must be accurate and up-to-date for the Food and Supplies Department to process the application.

The application can be made through the WBPDS portal or an offline application form. Once the application is submitted and verified, a temporary ration card will be issued to the applicant, valid for three months. After three months, a permanent ration card will be issued to the applicant. 

The Food and Supplies Department verifies the accuracy of all documents submitted, and if any document is found to be false or fraudulent, the application will be rejected. The Permanent Ration Card will contain the applicant’s name, address, and details of the family members, along with a unique identification number that will be used for tracking the cardholder’s transactions.

All permanent ration cards issued by the Food and Supplies Department are valid for five years and need to be renewed at the end of this period. The Permanent Ration Card entitles the cardholder to receive food grains, sugar, and other commodities through ration shops. In addition to that, the department has put in place various anti-fraud measures, such as biometric authentication and online monitoring of transactions, to ensure that the permanent ration cards are not misused.

A WB Digital Ration Card comes with a lot of benefits. You may be eligible for government-sponsored programs and subsidized goods. Services in India are becoming increasingly digital. This article details the application process for a West Bengal Digital Ration Card. It will also give information about the ration card’s other features and the status of your application.

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WB Ration Card List 2023 Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility points are given for the help of the user who is interested to apply for the new West Bengal Digital Ration Card, so you must know beforehand whether you can apply for the Ration Card.

ResidentWest Bengal
Minimum Age18 years
Poverty lineBPL – Below poverty lineAPL – Above poverty line
Ration BenefitsRice = 15 kgs for a family
Wheat = 20 kgs for a family
PMGKAY (Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana)Rice = 2 kg per head
Wheat = 3 kgs per head
BPL Family incomeIncome must be under 27,000 Rs/- per annum
APL Family incomeIf the income exceeds 27,000 Rs/- per annum 

Documents Needed for WB Ration Card

We are telling you the necessary documents for the ration card of the state of West Bengal. As a resident or aspirant wishing to apply for a state ration card can use the points given below to know about the documents required for ration card application.

  1. The candidate has to provide a passport size photograph of the head along with the family member to be included in the ration card.
  2. Photo ID Proof the applying candidate can choose any one from the given bracket like Voter ID Card, Aadhaar Card.
  3. Residence proof of the applicant like water bill, electricity bill etc.
  4. Application form is also required, you can get it from the concerned department. 
  5. Income certificate of the family is also required to obtain a ration card of the type for receiving ration at subsidized prices on it.

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Q1. Question 01 How to check digital ration card list West Bengal?

For this, go to the official website of WBPDS wbpds.gov.in. After this select the NFSA Reports option. Then you can check the complete list by selecting your district, block / tehsil and FPS.

Q2. Name is not there in the new ration card list, what to do?

If your name is not there in the West Bengal Ration Card list, then you have to apply again in the prescribed form and with the prescribed documents. If you have just applied then wait. It is possible that in the coming days your name will also come in the list.

Q3. How to search for a West Bengal Ration Card by name?

You can search for an online ration card by your name or ration card number. For this facility has been given in the official website of WBPDS.

Q4. How to apply online for a ration card?

You can apply online to get a new ration card. For this, go to wbpds.gov.in and select the option of online application. After that, read all the steps carefully and submit the online application.

Q5. What to do to add the name of the member in the ration card?

If the name of any member is not added in your ration card, then you can submit the application in the prescribed format. After checking your application, the name of that member will also be added.

Q6. How to check the Aadhaar link with the ration card in West Bengal?

If your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar number, you can access it via the website https://wbpds.wb.gov.in/. Click on the “E-Citizen” menu, and then click on “Link your Aadhaar and mobile with your ration card number.”

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