Upload Season 3 Release Date: Is Amazon Prime Bringing This Series Back In 2023?

If the idea of this particular web series can be incorporated into our real life, our lives would change as we know them. Artificial intelligence has come a long way and Upload gives us a glimpse into one of the innumerable possibilities of this ever-growing technology. 

This American web show based on science fiction has been created by Greg Daniels and produced by Deedle-Dee Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment, and Reunion Pacific Entertainment, along with Amazon Studios. Only the pilot episode was produced by Baral-Waley Productions. 

The first season of Upload was released on 1st May 2020 and the second part premiered on 11th March 2022. The web series garnered a rating of 7.9 on IMDb, 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 4.8/5 from Google users. Upload was so interesting that the audience went crazy asking for Upload season 3.

Upload Season 3 Release Date

Fortunately for the fans of Upload, the creators of the show came to a decision pretty fast. Upload Season 3 was renewed in May 2022 and according to certain sources, the production for the third installment was wrapped up during November 2022. 

Name Of The ShowUpload
Season NumberSeason 3
IMDB Rating7.9/10
Streaming OnPrime Video
Upload Season 1 Release Date1 May 2020
Upload Season 3 Release DateCanceled

Several gossip tabloids and magazines think that the Upload Season 3 release date would be set sometime during late 2023. The months of October and November can likely be the release months. As of July 2023, the Upload Season 3 release date is yet to be announced. 

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Upload Season 3 Story

The plot of Upload is set against the backdrop of the year 2033 on planet Earth. In this year, humans have the capability to choose their afterlife. They can do so by uploading themselves to a place of their wish. The story starts with Nathan Brown, a computer programmer being uploaded to Lakeview, an expensive afterlife. 

However, his paradise falls short when he finds himself still being manipulated by his girlfriend, Ingrid who is still alive. A ray of sunshine comes in the form of Nora, his living handler. Nora has a tough life of her own with her dying father who does not wish to be uploaded to any afterlife and her career pressure. 

She also struggles with her feelings towards Nathan. Further, it is also revealed that Nathan might not have died a natural death. Upload season 3 will pick up from where season 2 left off and might show us how Nathan is saved with Nora’s help. The show might also take a political turn since those arcs are still incomplete. 

Upload Season 3 Cast

The character of Nathan has been played by Robbie Amell; Nora Antony has been played by Andy Allo; Ingrid Kannerman has been played by Allegra Edwards; Aleesha has been played by Zainab Johnson; Luke has been played by Kevin Bigley; and Ivan has been played by Josh Banday. 

Jordan Johnson-Hinds was cast in the role of Jamie; Chris Williams was cast in the role of Dave Anthony; Christine Ko was cast in the role of Mandi; Jessica Tuck was cast in the role of Viv; Philip Granger was cast in the role of Uncle Larry; and William B. Davis was cast in the role of David Choak. 

Guest actors include Gigi Gorgeous starring as Jordan; Hiro Kanagawa starring as Detective Sato; Phoebe Miu starring as Yang; Jennifer Garner starring as Officer Garner; Matt Braugner starring as Brad; and Creed Bratton starring as Rupert Tilford. 

Upload Season 3 Trailer

Upload Season 3 has not yet released any official trailer or promotional video. The trailers from the previous season are uploaded to online sites like YouTube and IMDb.

Where Can You Watch Upload Season 3 Online?

All episodes of Upload are available to steam on its original streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video. Upload Season 3 has wrapped up production and the episodes are expected to be released on the same channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Upload Season 3 been released?

Upload Season 3 has finished production and is expected to release sometime in 2023.

2. Who was the villain in Nora’s life in Upload?

For Nora, her father was the biggest antagonist in her life in Upload.

3. How many episodes does Upload Season 3 have?

Upload Season 3 has no episodes till now, but the previous two seasons have 17 in total.

4. Is Upload a horror?

Upload is web series based on science fiction and comedy-drama.

5. Is the web series Upload real?

Upload is a fictional series created for entertainment purposes by the makers of the show.

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