Undead Unluck Season 2 Release Date: Will The War Between The Union, Under, And Regulators Continue? 

We will talk about the Undead Unluck season 2 release date which is a Japanese animation show. This show is an adaptation of Undead Unluck, the manga series. Originally, Undead Unluck was out as a Japanese manga series. The writer is Yoshifumi Tozuka, and the publisher is Shueisha. It explores the genres of comedy, horror, and adventure. 

We also know Undead Unluck as Andeddo Anrakku. The initial release date of this Japanese manga is 20 January 2020. It is still ongoing with 18 tankōbon volumes to date. The creators released the manga chapters on the Weekly Shōnen Jump. Now, Undead Unluck is an anime. The director is Yuki Yase, and the writer is Yamato Haijima. 

The animation and production companies are David Production and TMS Production. They released the first episode of the first season of Undead Unluck on Saturday, 7 October 2023. With its initial release, this animated show has received a rating of 8.1 from MyAnimeList and 8.6 from IMDb. Viewers are already curious about the Undead Unluck Season 2 release date.

Undead Unluck Season 2 Release Date

The creators have released only the first episode of the first season of Undead Unluck. They will then release the second episode on Saturday, 14 October 2023. We will have to wait for the first season of this anime to be over. At the time of writing the script, the showrunners had not confirmed Undead Unluck Season 2. 

Most animes get the green signal for the next season, especially if the audience appreciates it. There is a lot of source material that can be covered in the next season as well. However, we may have to wait for a long time to get a confirmation on the Undead Unluck Season 2 release date. It may be possible that we hear nothing. As of October 2023, the creators are yet to set the Undead Unluck Season 2 release date.

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Undead Unluck Season 2 Plot

Undead Unluck is about Fuuko Izumo. She is a young woman living alone for more than a decade. She has a terrible affiliation. She is unlucky, which is caused by her unlucky ability. No one can touch her, lest something bad happen to them. Fuuko Izumo cannot live like this and chooses to end her life one day. 

But she meets an undead man before dying. This man wants to die but cannot. Fuuko calls him Andy. They slowly become friends. The twist starts when a mysterious organization called the Union wants to recruit them. The Union fights against the Under and Regulators. There are only ten members in this mysterious Union. 

These people have special abilities given to them. No one dared mess with the Union. If Fuuko and Andy join them, they will be invincible. As we all know, they join the Union and uncover various dark mysteries of the world. The Undead Unluck Season 2 release date is unknown.

Undead Unluck Season 2 Characters

In Undead Unluck, we saw Moe Kahara voicing the character of Fuuko Izumo; Yuichi Nakamura voicing the character of Andy; Mariya Ise voicing the character of Juiz; Natsuki Hanae voicing the character of Shen Xiang; and Rie Kugimiya voicing the character of Tatiana. 

We also saw Nobuhiko Okamoto voicing the character of Top Bull Sparx; Kenji Nomura voicing the character of Void Volks; Aoi Yūki voicing the character of Gina Chamber; Rikiya Koyama voicing the character of Billy Alfred; and Tomokazu Sugita voicing the Apocalypse. The Undead Unluck Season 2 release date will tell us about that season’s characters.

Undead Unluck Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, we have no trailer for Undead Unluck season 2. The creators of the anime have yet to confirm the Undead Unluck season 2 release date. But, the trailer for the first season of Undead Unluck is available online on YouTube. 

Where Can You Watch Undead Unluck Season 2 Online?

MBS and TBS are two Japanese local channels that release episodes of Undead Unluck according to the release schedule. You can also watch them on Hulu. But, there are no episodes for the second installment since the Undead Unluck Season 2 release date is unknown.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Undead Unluck Season 2 release date?

As of October 2023, the showrunners have yet to announce the Undead Unluck Season 2 release date.

2. Where can I watch Undead Unluck in India?

If you are in India, Hulu is the perfect place to watch Undead Unluck.

3. How many seasons does Undead Unluck have?

As of October 2023, Undead Unluck has one season.

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