The Good Fight Season 7 Release Date: Is Diane’s Law Journey Ending Here Or Is There More?

Thinking of legal dramas, some names that always come to mind are Suits or How To Get Away With Murder. It’s high time The Good Fight also joins this list. This American legal drama is a direct sequel and a spin-off to The Good Wife, another legal web series that was released on 22nd September 2009 and ended on 8th May 2016. 

The Good Fight has been created by Robert King, Michelle King, and Phil Alden Robinson. Scott Free Productions, King Size Productions, and CBS Studios are the producers with the Kings and others. The first season was released on 19th February 2017 and ended on 16th April 2017. 

Following the second installment that premiered on 4th March and concluded on 27th May 2018, The Good Fight Season 3 released its first episode on 14th March 2019. It ended with the tenth episode on 16th May 2019. The fourth installment of this web series was released on 9th April 2020 and ended on 28th May 2020, and the fifth season premiered on 24th June 2021 and wrapped all ten episodes on 26th August 2021. 

The latest season of The Good Fight was released on 8th September 2022 and concluded on 10th November 2022. This political drama received a rating of 6.4 from IMDb, 95% from Rotten Tomatoes, 80% from TV Guide, and 74% from Google users. The show has amassed a loyal fan base over the years who are curious to know when The Good Fight Season 7 release date is.

The Good Fight Season 7 Release Date

Unfortunately, the sixth season is the last and final season for The Good Fight. The sixth installment was renewed before the complete release of season 5 and the creators have announced that season 6 is the end. 

The makers of the show have canceled The Good Fight season 7. There is a slight possibility of a spin-off series, but that remains to be seen. As of July 2023, The Good Fight season 7 release date is unconfirmed since the series is canceled. 

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The Good Fight Season 7 Story

The Good Fight picks up the story from The Good Wife and is set one year later. The series focuses on Diane Lockhart, a practicing lawyer in Chicago. She gets involved in a massive financial scam and ends up losing all her savings. She is not the only one who is affected. Along with her, another lawyer named Maia Rindell gets caught in the crossfire which tarnishes her reputation. 

Diane and Maia had to leave their previous law firm where Diane was also the name partner. They later join Reddick, Boseman, & Kolstad under Lucca Quinn. Diane eventually becomes a name partner at the new firm which becomes Reddick, Boseman, & Lockhart after Barbara Kolstad leaves. 

Maia deals with the repercussions of her downfall while being suspected of being an accomplice in her father’s Ponzi scams. We also see Marissa Gold, a character from The Good Wife joining the law firm as their private investigator. All six seasons of The Good Fight show a ton of courtroom drama, political issues, and personal tragedies while connecting all episodes perfectly. 

The Good Fight Season 7 Cast

Christine Baranski plays the role of Diane Lockhart; Rose Leslie plays the role of Maia Rindell; Erica Tazel plays the role of Barbara Kolstad; Cush Jumbo plays the role of Lucca Quinn; Delroy Lindo plays the role of Adrian Boseman; and Sarah Steele plays the role of Marissa Gold. There are a huge number of recurring and guest characters that change with every episode.

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The Good Fight Season 7 Trailer

The Good Fight Season 7 is canceled and has no available trailer. All trailers from the previous seasons are online.

Where Can You Watch The Good Fight Season 7 Online?

The first four seasons of The Good Fight were released on CBS All Access before it was turned to Paramount Plus. The last two seasons were released on Paramount Plus. All episodes are also available on Amazon Prime Video.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is The Good Fight Season 7 release date?

The Good Fight Season 7 release date will never come since the show is canceled.

2. How are the reviews for The Good Fight?

Fans love watching The Good Fight, just like its predecessor, The Good Wife.

3. Will there be a spin-off for The Good Fight?

The creators and actors have expressed their interest in a spin-off of The Good Fight, but there is no confirmation.

4. How many episodes does The Good Fight Season 7 have?

The Good Fight Season 7 has no episodes, but the previous seasons have 60 in total.

5. What was the reason for the end of The Good Fight Season 7?

The Good Fight Season 7 was never renewed for fear that the story might get repetitive.

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