The Full Monty Season 2 Release Date: Will The Show Return For a New Season?

The Full Monty is a British-American Comedy television series. The series is a follow-up of the 1977 film The Full Monty. The show premiered on 14 June 2023. It was internationally premiered on Disney+.

Simon Beaufoy and Alice Nutter created the show. This comedy serves as the sequel to the 1977 film. In the movie, a group of steel mill workers lose their jobs after the mills shut down.

Their financial situation gets worst and after getting inspired by the famous Chippendales, they decide to form a male striptease group. In the show, 26 years are passed and nothing much has changed. 

People loved the 1977 film and were curious about the show. The Full Monty Season was liked by the audiences and praised by the critics. All the stars were back for the season.

Now after the successful completion of season 1 fans are curious to know about Season. Will it be renewed?

The Full Monty Season 2 Release Date

The Full Monty Season 2

Season 1 of The Full Monty premiered on FX On Hulu with a total of eight episodes. The runtime of each episode is 54 minutes. The show was released recently after a wait of 25 years. 

The release of the second season is not announced by Hulu or Disney. According to reports many believe that the show was for limited series. The original film was a massive hit on screens.

The movie has won three BAFTAs and one Oscar. Beaufoy was not ready to create a sequel, but after a long wait of 25 years, he finally decided to release a show.

The creator of the show waited for 25 years for creating a sequel so there are very less chances that they will create another season any time soon. Fans must have to wait for the announcements. 

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What Is The Full Monty Season 1 about:

Season 1 follows the journey of the original “Band Brothers” filled with comedy and drama. They face many difficulties they pass them with humor. Bringing all the old characters in the season did justice to the show.

The show revolves around the life of every individual character. The Full Monty Season 1 is a very light-hearted show, and yet it manages to focus on social issues.

The show plans to focus on social issues like healthcare, education, and the employment sector of Sheffield. This show helps the viewers to focus more on real-world problems.

The entire season contains many humorous scenes, which teach us to smile in our hard times. This show sheds light on the life of working-class communities and their struggle. 

The Full Monty Season 1 Recap:

The Full Monty Season 2

Season 1 begins after 25 years. In the entire season, we see them struggling financially. The last episode of the series shows how band members are devastated by Horse’s death.

To give a proper farewell, Gaz goes to the funeral home, where the coffin prices shock him. Gaz steals Horse’s body from the morgue. Destiny is in jail and asks Gaz for bail, but he does not reach there on time. 

Destiny gets late for the show and is not allowed to perform. Later Dave and Gaz are having a conversation where Dave mentions the idea of cremating Horse. Gaz tells everyone about his Viking Funeral Plan. Even if it is risky, everyone agrees to it. 

Dave and Jean Confront each other and gets emotional. During the funeral time, Dennis reveals his anger at Horse for not taking anyone’s help. The group collects flowers from a stranger’s garden for his tribute.

Gaz meets his daughter Destiny and assures her that he will stay by her side no matter what. Season 1 bids an emotional goodbye to the audience. There are fewer chances for renewal, so stay with us for more updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where Can I watch The Full Monty Season 1?

You can stream the entire season of The Full Monty Season 1 on Hulu and Disney+

2. How many episodes are there in The Full Monty Season 1?

Season 1 of The Full Monty contains eight episodes in total.

3. Who Killed Horse in The Full Monty Season 1?

The Government killed Horse by taking away his disability pensions.

4. Is there a season 2 of The Full Monty?

The renewal of season 2 has not been announced by the creators

5. Who are the creators of The Full Monty?

Simon Beaufoy and Alice Nutter are the creators of the show.

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