The First Responders Season 3: Will Jin, Bong, And Song Come Together To Solve The Latest Crimes Again?

Another South Korean drama hits the fan favorite chart again! This is not the first time a South Korean web series received so much love that they renewed it for a second season. Tale Of The Nine Tailed recently released its second season on 6th May 2023, with other dramas following suit. Usually, these South Korean dramas do not get a second season. 

This show is also known as The Police Station Next To The Fire Station And The National Forensic Service and Sobangseo Yeop Gyeongchalseo in Korean. The First Responders has been developed by Studio S, written by Min Ji-Eun, and directed by Shin Kyung-soo and Kwon Bong-geun. 

The production companies for this show are Studio S and Mega Monster, and the producers are Lee Him-chan, Jo Seung-hoon, and Park Sang-jin among others. The first season of The First Responders released the first episode on 12th November 2022 and ended with the twelfth episode on 30th December 2022. 

On 22nd November 2022, before the first season even ended, the writer of this drama renewed it for its second season. The First Responders season 2 released the first episode on 4th August 2023. Episode 12 will be the season’s last one, and it will air on Saturday, 9th September 2023. The show has already received a rating of 7.9 from IMDb, 8.6 from MyDramaList, and 96℅ from Google users making the audience curious about The First Responders season 3.

The First Responders Season 3 Release Date

According to reports, on 5th January 2022, it was announced that The First Responders will have two seasons in total. And they officially confirmed it by announcing 12th November as the release date for the first season, and the second half of 2023 as the probable time of The First Responders season 2 release date. 

There have been no talks about The First Responders season 3, and if the creators stick to their original decision, we will not be seeing further episodes. However, an official cancelation is still pending. As of August 2023, The First Responders season 3 has no release date. 

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The First Responders Season 3 Plot

The First Responders is about three people who actively work together to solve crimes. They are Jin Ho Gae, a skilled detective, Bong Do Jin, a brave firefighter, and Song Seol, a kind paramedic. The episodes consist of different stories where these three work with each other and get to the bottom of the mystery. 

For eg., episode one of the first season was about a kidnapped woman and the first responders saved her from a burning building. Another episode was about a schoolgirl who apparently committed suicide because she was scammed of her money by an online game ruse. 

The First Responders season 2 follows a similar pattern where one of the episodes is about two buildings catching fire because of arson, and another is about a murdered neighbor of Pil, a sergeant at Taewon Police Station. The First Responders Season 3 is currently unmade. 

The First Responders Season 3 Cast

The First Responders have Kim Rae-won in the role of Jin Ho-gae; Son Ho-jun in the role of Bong Do-jin; Gong Seung-Yeon in the role of Song Seol; Seon Hyun-Chul in the role of Baek Cham; and Kang Ki-doong in the role of Gongmyung Pil. 

We also have Ji Woo acting as Bong An-na; Baek Eun-hye acting as Woo Sam-soon; Woo Mi-Hwa acting as Dok Go-soon; Jung Jin-woo acting as Choi Ki-soo; Lee Woo-je acting as Hang Dong-woo; and Son Ji-yoon acting as Yoon Hang. 

The First Responders Season 3 Trailer

Since The First Responders Season 3 is unmade, it has no trailer. However, the trailers for the previous season are online.

Where Can You Watch The First Responders Season 3 Online?

All episodes of The First Responders are available on Disney Plus Hotstar and Hulu. The First Responders Season 3 has no episodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has The First Responders Season 3 been canceled?

During the making of the show, The First Responders Season 3 was not considered, however, there has been no official cancelation.

2. When is the next episode of The First Responders Season 2 coming out?

The next episode of The First Responders Season 2 is coming out on Friday, 25th August 2023.

3. Where can I watch The First Responders in India?

You can watch The First Responders on Disney Plus Hotstar and Hulu in India.

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