The Curse Season 3 Release Date: What Hilarious Moments Await The Thieves In The New Season?

On one hand, we have brilliant criminal masterminds in web series like Money Heist, and on the other, we have the criminals in The Curse. This is a British crime and comedy drama that has been created by Steve Stamp and Allan Mustafa, along with Hugo Chegwin. The web series has been produced by Shiny Button Productions along with Richard Webb, Tom Davis, and James De Frond with the creators. 

The second season of The Curse released all six episodes on 27th April 2023. But the first season released its first episode on 6th February 2022 and ended with the sixth episode on 13th March 2022. The web show garnered a rating of 6.7 from IMDb, 90% from Rotten Tomatoes, and 82% from Google users. The fans have said they enjoyed the show and its various characters, which have kept them waiting for The Curse Season 3 release date.

The Curse Season 3 Release Date

Regarding the renewal status of The Curse Season 3, fans were faced with both positive and negative news. The positive news was that Tom Davis, one of the creators and the actor who plays Mick, has revealed he originally had plans for this web show to consist of three seasons. 

He has always wished for the show to be wrapped up within its third installment. However, the negative aspect of this news is that there has been no official confirmation for The Curse Season 3. Even though the showrunner has plans, a piece of formal news is awaited. As of July 2023, The Curse Season 3 release date is unknown.

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The Curse Season 3 Plot

The first season of The Curse is set during the 1980s in London, and the second season is based in Spain, also during the 1980s. The plot follows a group of small-time criminals who unknowingly get involved in a high-fi robbery. The series begins when Sidney tells Albert and Natasha about his new job at a warehouse where they can steal cash from. 

However, they end up stealing something else of great value. They steal gold unbeknownst to them and then have to come up with a plan to get rid of it or be indicted for a crime they never signed up for. Season 2 is set eighteen months after the incidents of the second season, with Albert, Sidney, and Tash living on the Costa del Sol while Mick suffers in prison. 

The gang goes to Pablo Escobar, the famous drug lord, for cocaine in exchange for the infamous gold they had stolen. The end of the second season saw the arrest of Tash. The Curse Season 3 might explore the dynamics between the gang further while introducing new arcs and completing older ones.

The Curse Season 3 Cast

We see Allan Mustafa in the role of Albert Fantoni; Abraham Popoola in the role of Joe Boy; Steve Stamp in the role of Sidney Wilson; Emer Kenny in the role of Natasha Fantoni; Davis in the role of Big Mick Neville; and Hugo Chegwin in the role of Phil Pocket.

We also see Natalie Klamar playing Candice; Peter Ferdinando playing Clive Cornell; Michael Smiley playing Ronnie Gatlin; Geoff Bell playing Saunders; Ambreen Razia playing Thread; and Ramon Tikaram playing Billy English. The main cast will be back for The Curse Season 3.

The Curse Season 3 Trailer

Since there has been no official confirmation of the renewal status of The Curse Season 3, there is no available trailer. The trailers and other related videos for the previous seasons of The Curse can be found on various online sites, like YouTube.

Where Can You Watch The Curse Season 3 Online?

The first two seasons of The Curse were released on its original network, Channel 4. The episodes are also available on Sky Go. Amazon Prime Video has all episodes of the two seasons in certain regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When has The Curse Season 3 release date been set?

As of July 2023, The Curse Season 3 is yet to be decided and announced by the creators of the show.

2. Did the creators renew The Curse Season 3?

Tom Davis wants The Curse Season 3 to be the last installment of this series, but an official confirmation is still pending.

3. What is The Curse about?

The Curse is about a gang of crooks who unexpectedly get involved in the robbery of gold when they thought they would be stealing cash.

4. Is The Curse a good series?

The Curse has an interesting plotline with comedic relief.

5. How many episodes will The Curse Season 3 have?

The number of episodes for The Curse Season 3 is undecided.

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