Where Was The Series Ten Pound Poms Filmed? Know The Details About The Locations Here!

Ten Pound Poms is a British television series. It focuses on the historical drama genre. Today, we shall discuss the places where the series Ten Pound Poms was filmed. The creator is Danny Brocklehurst, the writers are Danny Brocklehurst, Ryan Griffen, Smita Bhide, and Ava Pickett, and the directors are Ana Kokkinos and Jamie Magnus Stone. 

The production companies are Eleven Film and Curio Pictures, and the producers are Tommy Bulfin, Amanda Duthie, Cailah Scobie, and others. They released the first episode of Ten Pound Poms on Sunday, 14 May 2023, IST, and concluded with the sixth episode on Sunday, 18 June 2023, IST. 

The fans gave this British web show a rating of 6.8 on IMDb, 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 58% on Google. The creators released the first season on the platform BBC One in the United Kingdom and Stan in Australia. Let us see where Ten Pound Poms was filmed. According to gossip tabloids, the fans are curious to know more about it.

Where Was The Series Ten Pound Poms Filmed?

The British series Ten Pound Poms was filmed in Australia. The Scheyville National Park, the Blue Mountains, Carcoar, and Sydney are some of the important places where the shooting took place. When you watch the episodes, you will see the weather is quite pleasant. However, the actors reveal the true story. 

In reality, Australia was freezing when the shooting was happening for Ten Pound Poms. Michelle Keegan, who plays Kate Thorne, said everyone expects to pack their flip-flops and vests while visiting Australia. But she had to buy a raincoat as soon as she landed. The primary location was Sydney, and the cast and crew spent most of their time there. 

They also had to travel a lot to shoot at the Blue Mountains and Carcoar. Warren Brown, who plays Terry Roberts, said the team did an amazing job to adapt to the conditions. Since the series happens in summer, it was difficult to shoot in the snow at times. He also said shooting at Carcoar was challenging. 

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Ten Pound Poms Cast

In Ten Pound Poms, we see Michelle Keegan playing the role of Kate Thorne, Warren Brown playing the role of Terry Roberts, Faye Marsay playing the role of Annie Roberts, Rob Collins playing the role of Ron Mahoney, David Field playing the role of Dean Spender, Stephen Curry playing the role of JJ Walker, Leon Ford playing the role of Bill Anderson; Emma Hamilton playing the role of Sheila Anderson. 

We also see Hugo Johnstone-Burt playing the role of Henry Broad, Nic English playing the role of Robbie Carter, Nikki Shiels playing the role of Fran Robinson, Hattie Hook playing the role of Pattie Roberts, Finn Treacy playing the role of Peter Roberts, Declan Coyle playing the role of Stevie Cartwright, Travis McMahon playing the role of Ivan Cartwright, and Trisha Morton-Thomas playing the role of Auntie May. 

Ten Pound Poms Plot

The story of Ten Pound Poms is about a group of Britons or Poms. They leave post-war Britain to go and settle in Australia. The group feels Australia is their chance for a new life with better prospects. They will find better jobs, better houses, better lifestyles. All this is possible with ten pounds. It is an offer no one could refuse. 

However, when they start living there, they realize there are no better prospects. There are no better jobs, no better houses, and no better lifestyle. The group struggles to adjust to their new lives in a new country. They are immigrants there now. The episodes follow how they navigate their new identities far from their home, the United Kingdom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where was the series Ten Pound Poms filmed?

The British series Ten Pound Poms was filmed in Australia. The Scheyville National Park, the Blue Mountains, Carcoar, and Sydney are some of the major places where the shooting took place.

2. Will we see the second season of Ten Pound Poms?

Unfortunately, while writing the script of Ten Pound Poms, the creators did not think about its second season. We need to wait for official news about Ten Pound Poms Season 2.

3. Where can I watch Ten Pound Poms in India?

If you are from India, you can watch Ten Pound Poms on Airtel Xstream, Sony Liv, and Amazon Prime Video. Just do not forget to purchase their premium package before watching!

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