Snowfall Season 7 Release Date: Did FX Really Cancel This Crime Thriller?

A lot of amazing web shows are released on local television channels and networks. One of them has to be Snowfall on FX, an American television channel. Even though it was first broadcast on Showtime, FX was quick to pick it up. John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron have created this web series. 

It has been produced by Shoe Money Productions, New Deal Entertainment, FXP, and Underground Films along with Dave & Ron Productions and Groundswell Productions. Since this show went on for almost seven years, several people wrote and directed the episodes. The first season of Snowfall was released on 5th July 2017 and ended on 6th September 2017 and the second installment premiered on 19th July 2018. 

It ended with ten episodes on 20th September 2018. Following the third season which was released on 10th July 2019 and concluded on 11th September 2019, Snowfall Season 4 came out on 24th February 2021. It wrapped all ten episodes on 21st April 2021. The fifth installment of this web series was released on 23rd February 2022 and concluded on 20th April 2022. 

Season 6 or the recent one was released on 22nd February 2023 and it wrapped up on 19th April 2023 with ten episodes. Snowfall received a rating of 8.3 from IMDb, 90% from Rotten Tomatoes, and 91% from Google users. The Snowfall season 7 release date is now the trending topic of all discussion after the massive successes of the first six installments. 

Snowfall Season 7 Release Date

Unfortunately, the creators of the show have canceled Snowfall Season 7. Fans have circulated petitions demanding a seventh installment of their favorite show. According to gossip tabloids, there are two reasons for the cancelation. 

One is that the story has been wrapped up and all character arcs seem to be finished. Second, showrunner John Singleton passed away in 2019 because of serious health complications. Whatever the real reason might be, there is no Snowfall Season 7 Release date as of July 2023.

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Snowfall Season 7 Story

Snowfall has been set from 1983 to 1990 in Los Angeles and focuses on the cocaine epidemic that shook the major cities of The United States of America. One of the focus places of the epidemic was Los Angeles, and it resulted in several disastrous consequences. Snowfall follows the life of Franklin Saint and his rise to power. 

He was the head of The Family, the most powerful gang in Los Angeles dealing with the drug racket. This series also focuses on three other protagonists. We see Theodore McDonald, a CIA agent whose alias is Reed Thompson, staying undercover and working for the US government. Franklin’s life also gets intertwined with the Villanueva Cartel, a Mexican drug organization, and Lucia Villanueva, the Cartel’s heiress. 

Gustavo, a former player in the Lucha Libre who is closely associated with the Mexican drug Cartel plays a significant role. The last season of Snowfall shows Franklin living in his mother’s house which was left to him after his mother was found guilty of murder. He tells Leon, his best friend and close confidante he is finally free, and that concludes this show.

Snowfall Season 7 Cast

Damson Idris plays the role of Franklin Saint; Carter Hudson plays the role of Theodore McDonald; Emily Rios plays the role of Lucia Villanueva; Sergio Peris-Mencheta plays the role of Gustavo Zapata; and Michael Hyatt plays the role of Sharon Saint.

We also see Amin Joseph in the role of Jerome Saint; Isaiah John in the role of Leon Simmons; Alon Aboutboul in the role of Avi Drexler; Kevin Carroll in the role of Alton Williams; Gail Bean in the role of Wanda Simmons; and Reign Edwards in the role of Melody Wright. 

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Snowfall Season 7 Trailer

Since Snowfall Season 7 has been canceled by the creators, there is no trailer for it. The trailers for the previous seasons have been uploaded to YouTube and other sites.

Where Can You Watch Snowfall Season 7 Online?

Snowfall was originally broadcast on FX, a local American channel. You may find the episodes online on Disney Plus Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Snowfall Season 7 is unreleased and has no episodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When has the Snowfall Season 7 release date been set?

There is no Snowfall Season 7 release date since the show is canceled.

2. How many episodes are there in Snowfall Season 7?

Snowfall Season 7 has no episodes, but the previous seasons have 60.

3. Is Snowfall based on real incidents?

The backdrop of Snowfall concerning the cocaine epidemic is real and the character of Franklin was loosely inspired by the life of Freeway Ricky Ross, the drug lord.

4. Is Snowfall on Amazon Prime Video?

Snowfall is available in select regions on Amazon Prime Video.

5. Is Snowfall a good show?

The reviews and ratings for Snowfall are nothing short of excellent.

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