Sherwood Season 2 Release Date: The Industrial Past Of Britain And Its Red Wall Towns To Be Seen In The New Episodes! 

When the past gets mixed with the entertainment industry, we get to see some exceptional shows and movies like Peaky Blinders, Dahmer, and so many more! But, we must also include Sherwood, the British web series on the BBC. James Graham has written and created it.

The direction is by Lewis Arnold and was produced by House Productions with the writer, director, and people like Juliette Howell, Rebecca Hodgson, Ben Irving, and Harriet Spencer, among others. Sherwood follows the themes of crime, drama, mystery, and detective. It has received a rating of 7.4 from IMDb, 100% from Rotten Tomatoes, and 86% from Google users making the reviews excellent and full of positivity. 

Seeing the craze over the first season of Sherwood, the creators took little time in renewing Sherwood season 2. While Sherwood season 1 was focused on real killings that happened in 2004 in Nottinghamshire in England, Sherwood season 2 might take a new turn. As of now, fans are eagerly waiting for a confirmation on the Sherwood season 2 release date.

Sherwood Season 2 Release Date

The creators of the show have already renewed Sherwood season 2. One of the crew members has revealed that the shooting will take place in 2023. Keeping in mind the production and post-production formalities along with the various other deadlines, the Sherwood season 2 release date can be sometime in 2024. 

Sherwood Season 2 Release Date

However, these are merely speculations and we will have to wait for an official confirmation which may come soon. As of 10th August 2023, the Sherwood season 2 release date is yet to be announced.

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Sherwood Season 2 Plot

Sherwood season 1 was based on two real murders in the Nottinghamshire mining village in England. These two murders were of Gary Jackson who used to be a union activist and the second was of Sarah Vincent, a Tory councilor. The murder of Keith Frogson, the trade unionist in 2004 was kept in mind while killing Gary. 

Alongside this, the miner’s strike did not die down but went up. This is the famous miner’s strike of 1984. Because of Gary’s supposed police covert activities, the authorities investigating his death suspect him to somehow be tied to the persisting strike. Scott Rowley is suspected of his murder, and he absconds. 

Andy Fisher, her father-in-law killed Sarah, with a spade during a heavy confrontation. Her husband, Neel discovered her body when he came home. The first season somehow completed all arcs and did not leave any ending that could be speculated on. 

So, Sherwood Season 2 will have new characters and a fresh storyline. This time the plot will have industrial Britain as the backdrop. The story will revolve around people from the red wall towns, and how the deployment of something known as spy cops sparked a load of controversies. Two new families will also enter. 

Sherwood Season 2 Cast

The main cast for Sherwood Season 1 was Alun Armstrong in the role of Gary Jackson; David Morrissey and Geroge Howard in the role of Ian St Clair; Lesley Manville and Poppy Gilbert in the role of Julie Jackson; Robert Glenister and Tom Glenister in the role of Kevin Salisbury; Joanne Froggatt in the role of Sarah Vincent; and Adeel Akhtar in the role of Andy Fisher.

Sherwood Season 2 Release Date

Sherwood season 2 can bring some of the main cast, but that is not sure. There will be new faces like Homeland’s David Harewood, My Family’s Robert Lindsay, The Thief, His Wife And The Canoe’s Monica Dolan, and Stephen’s Sharlene Whyte. We will also see others like Conor Deane, Stephen Dillane, and Bethany Asher among others.

Sherwood Season 2 Trailer

Since the shooting of Sherwood season 2 is underway, post-production has not yet begun and there is no available trailer for the same. The trailer for the previous season of Sherwood is on YouTube. 

Where Can You Watch Sherwood Season 2 Online?

Sherwood season 1 released its episodes on BBC One. BBC iPlayer and BritBox also have the episodes. Sherwood Season 2 will premiere on these sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Sherwood Season 2 release date?

As of now, the Sherwood Season 2 release date is yet to be announced.

2. Is Sherwood based on something real?

Sherwood is loosely based on the murder of a trade unionist in 2004.

3. Will the main cast of Sherwood come back for Sherwood Season 2?

Some of the main cast may come back for Sherwood Season 2.

4. Who killed Sarah in Sherwood Season 1?

Andy Fisher kills Sarah in Sherwood Season 1.

5. Is Sherwood okay for kids?

Sherwood might not be an appropriate watch for the kids.

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